Power Up Microsoft Teams With The Microsoft Power Platform

Teams + Power Platform = The equation your business needs to help dispersed teams work closely together. Empower your people, boost your productivity.

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Modernising critical business processes and enabling new ways of working

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the operations of companies around the world, forcing many to shift to remote work, often for the first time. Individuals had to quickly adapt to new ways of working, and business leaders have worked to prioritise the well-being of their employees.

With Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Power Platform, organisations can quickly adapt business processes and enable workers to collaborate.

Power Up Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is essential for thousands of organisations, currently with more than 75 million daily active users, to stay connected, productive, and collaborative. Teams provides the most common tasks that employees need in one place, including chats, meetings, calls, and collaboration.

It’s also currently free until January 2021!

Users often want to tailor the Teams experience to tasks and workstreams unique to their organisation. That’s where Power Platform can help.

With tools like Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Automate, employees can build no-code and low-code custom applications that automate routine processes and supply a structure where there previously was none.

Keep your workforce and business processes connected

Microsoft has recently announced exciting features and updates for Teams and Power Platform. You can find more details in the Microsoft 365 team’s announcement.

Microsoft Power Apps:

  • Add apps from Power Apps to Teams with one-click, making it quick and easy to add your app to Teams.
Add apps from Power Apps to Teams with one-click
Add apps from Power Apps to Teams with one-click

Microsoft Power Automate:

  • New Power Automate triggers and actions built specifically for Teams unlock custom message extensions and allow for automated @mentioning and a customized bot experience.

Microsoft Power BI

  • Simplified “Share to Teams” feature allows you to quickly select the team and channel to share with directly from Power BI.
  • Rich thumbnail previews for Power BI charts when pasted into a Teams chat with an adaptive card allow users to collaborate and take actions on that chart.
Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Teams integration
Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Teams integration

How three organisations use Teams and Power Platform to modernise work

Here are some frantastic success stories of companies that have reinvented how their workforce collaborates and gets work done using Teams and Power Platform to reduce costs.


Telstra, a leading Australian telecommunications company, developed a solution to modernize and streamline their field services ticketing process. They found that embedding the ticketing apps in Teams provided field technicians with a single hub to service customers and stay connected with each other, even while working in remote Australian locations.

This app and the associated workflows were just the first in what became a robust program to develop low-code apps and workflows to address crucial needs of employees.

Notting Hill Genesis

Notting Hill Genesis is a housing association in the United Kingdom that provides lower-income housing to about 170,000 residents. When the COVID-19 crisis struck, Notting Hill Genesis needed to quickly develop a way to track the status of employees and maintain awareness of employees who tested positive for the virus for the safety of staff and residents.

Rajiv Peter, Director of Digital Technology, built a Power Apps app in just a few days’ time and integrated the solution with Teams. When staff test positive, the solution launches notifications to relevant Teams channels using Power Automate. Power BI dashboards in Teams are used to keep the executive board and the COVID-19 response team updated on the situation.


Teams has helped PayPal bring together employees from across regions and groups, enabling them to collaborate in a more fluid manner. By leveraging Power Platform in Teams, PayPal has further increased collaboration and meeting effectiveness.

PayPal is starting to use Power Apps with Teams to better track programs within the company and autogenerate new Teams channels for employees so they can quickly collaborate on projects.

The inclusion of Power BI makes meetings more meaningful and productive, while simultaneously standardising the format in which data visualisations are delivered.

How Can Cybit Help You?

If you’re new to the Microsoft suite, we can help you with getting started, consulting with you to create a tailored solution that works for you – no workarounds. You gain a trusted IT advisor, where you have one go-to for all of your technological needs.

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