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Let us help you to get up and running with analytics so you can take full advantage of your invaluable business data.

What is Data Analytics?

Before taking the first step towards a powerful solution that will add value with easy-to-use data analytics, many organisations begin by using Microsoft Excel. While Excel is a great tool, even start-ups will struggle to really explore data and find any meaningful results. It is far too time consuming, frustrating, and doesn’t provide the in-depth answers needed to propel a business forward. What you need is a dedicated analytics tool that will turn numbers into actionable insight.

A powerful data analytics solution helps to keep you profitable, proactive, and ahead of the competition. Depending on what solution you need, you could achieve stunning data exploration, effortless data prep, data warehouse automation, or cost-effective data visualisations. Or a full end-to-end analytics solution, from data blending and preparation all the way through to data visualisation and exploration.

What Do You Want to Achieve with Analytics?

You may have something in mind you’d like to achieve. Learn more about how you can remedy existing issues and fulfil business goals with the data analytics solution your organisation requires. Take a look at what we can help you to achieve:

Data Management
De-risk analysis with effortless data preparation.
Learn More About Data Management
Data Preparation
Blend, cleanse and prepare your data.
Learn More About Data Preparation
Data Warehouse Automation
Automate the way you access, model, and govern data.
Learn More Data Warehouse Automation
Data Visualisation
Explore data using powerful, easy-to-use visualisations.
Learn More About Data Visualisation
Advanced Analytics
The next level of analytics - stay ahead of the competition.
Learn More About Advanced Analytics
This alone will save us a lot of time! We don’t spend a day doing all of this processing in Excel and Access. We can use Alteryx to do it in matter of minutes.
Analytics Manager, Middlesbrough Council
For our executive and senior management team instead of getting that monthly, after the event reporting, they’re getting it at any point they like during the month. We’re able to address risks before they become issues.
Head of Performance at Bromley Healthcare
What Qlik can do is over and above what Excel has done for us in the past – it’s amazing. We’ve had some senior members of staff even use the word, ‘Wow!'
Manager of IT at Nifco UK
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Insight - Case studyInsights
Middlesbrough Council
Middlesbrough Council worked with Perfect Image to adopt a tailored analytics solution, a combination of Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI. They can now better understand and react to the needs of their local residents and provide a more proactive service.
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What Data Analytics Solution Do You Need?

Take a look at the solutions we offer, each meeting a different need or requirement. We will tailor it to your exact needs and ensure it complements your organisation’s way of working. You may have a product in mind or want to find out more about a certain tool. These are the industry-leading tools we can offer you:

How Can We Help You with Analytics?

Our experienced consultants can help you with a range of analytics services

Migration from Legacy Systems
Make a shift from outdated systems that hold you back and unleash the full potential of your analytics. 
Learn More About Migrating
Consultancy & Development
Our team of highly qualified and experienced experts have the knowledge and experience to architect the right solution for you.
Learn More About Consultancy
Discover lower operational costs, infinitely scalable compute power and storage, and a stress-free infrastructure with a hosted solution.
Learn More About Hosting
Training & Enablement
Boost your team’s efficiency and confidence with flexible, consultant-led training.
Learn More About Training
Health Check
Ensure you're getting the most out of your analytics investment, now and long-term, with a comprehensive Health Check.
Request A Health Check
Managed Analytics Services & Support
Allow us to support your analytics or take on the whole responsibility of managing and maintaining your solution.
Learn More About Managed Services

Integrations with Analytics

We understand that when you implement a new analytics solution, you want to make sure your existing technologies seamlessly connect to it. This you’re your systems speak to each other and you get more value from them.

We’re experienced with many complementary technologies to ensure we can build the perfect solution for you. We can integrate your data analytics solution with many other tools and business applications including:

  • SAP
  • CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Salesforce
Insight -
We can work with your existing systems and find the best way of connecting them to your analytics solution for a smooth process that adds real value to your business.
See Integrations

What Industries Can Benefit?

All industries can benefit from better utilising their invaluable business data. As the saying goes, “data is the new oil.” Take a look at a few of our choice industries to see specific examples of how your organisation would benefit from adopting a leading analytics solution.

We’ve helped many customers to adopt a value-add analytics solution. Find out why they implemented a new system, what the process was like, and what benefits they have found since then.

Local Government
Professional Services
Higher Education


As certified Healthcare industry experts, our solutions provide actionable insight into your patients, staff, financials, productivity, and even your organisation’s future.

Learn more about Healthcare
Insight - Case study
Bromley Healthcare
Bromley Healthcare had a lot of information they weren't using to its full potential. With Perfect Image's help, they adopted Alteryx and Qlik Sense and became 20% more efficient, and have achieved a 98% customer satisfaction score.
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Local Government

Shift your team’s time from extracting and preparing data to discovering actionable insights and making data-backed decisions that make a positive impact.

Learn more about Local Government
Insight - Case study
Calderdale Council
Calderdale Council moved from QlikView to Qlik Sense and their monthly reporting time was reduced from 65 hours a week to just 12, and the cost of producing these reports reduced from £15,600 down to just £2,800! Qlik has simplified data processing from hours into a just few clicks.
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Professional Services

Get the insight needed to improve customer satisfaction and lower operational costs – exactly at the moment you need them. All data has a story and yours could reveal more profitable, efficient services and customer-centric operations.

Learn more about Professional Services
Insight - Case study
Qlik was identified as the best platform because it offers an intuitive solution with rigorous governance, enabling BDO to deliver their strategic aims. As a result, the solution has helped deliver exceptional advantage for hundreds of clients since its deployment.
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Reveal key insights from your data into shopping trends and customer behaviour. Retailers using analytics are becoming more agile, profitable, and successful – and your organisation could too.

Learn more about Retail
Insight - Case study
J. Barbour & Sons
Barbour offers its high-fashion products online and through retail shops in Europe, the United States, and Asia. J. Barbour & Sons, which employs over 700 people, based in the UK, with offices in the United States and Germany.
Read the case study


Transform your complicated manufacturing data into clear, interactive visualisations. Discover new and innovative ways to increase productivity and maximise profit margins.

Learn more about Manufacturing
Insight - Case study
Formica was established in 1912 in the United States and is the world’s largest manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate. Perfect Image were tasked with finding a way of automating the time-consuming product combination creation process – but before Formica would invest, it had to be proven.
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Effortlessly bring together all your data sources and interrogate intuitive visualisations to improve your service. Use a powerful BI solution and discover the “why” behind your data.

Learn more about Transport
Insight - Case study
Perfect Image was first approached by Nexus in 2010 to provide a robust BI solution. Their previous solution was clunky, time-consuming, laborious and difficult to use. Find out what Perfect Image did to help Nexus.
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Higher Education

Position yourself ahead of other institutes with industry-leading BI analytics that enables you to discover deeper insights, quickly make data-driven management decisions, and better attract and retain the best students.

Learn more Higher Education
Insight -
Health Check
Ensure you're getting the most out of your BI investment, now and long-term, with a comprehensive BI Health Check from Perfect Image.
Get your free health check

Why Choose Perfect Image?

Perfect Image has 28+ years’ experience of designing, delivering and managing intelligent IT solutions. We can help with everything from a simple single-system data analytics migration to a full Modern Workplace solution – then we can support or fully manage it for you afterwards. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Qlik Elite Partner and Alteryx Premier Partner. Our friendly, specialist teams of dedicated experts are on hand to tailor your systems to the way your business works, to help empower your staff and boost productivity. We make solutions that last, so they continue delivering value long-term and are agile enough to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business. We are nationally recognised IT solution experts who offer a unique blend of specialist IT services and world-class technologies. Choose us to transform your business and drive incredible results.

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