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Why Do You Need the Qlik Data Integration Platform?

You know what it’s like. Siloed teams, lots of manual effort, large numbers of defects and errors, extremely slow delivery times and unreliable results. You may be limited by the data sources you can use, and actively avoid creating new data streams because of the time and labour required. It is a struggle to keep up with increasingly complex and disparate data sources. When your team is analysing data from yesterday (or last month!) that holds you back in terms of decision making and the service you provide to customers.

You want to share insights easily, ensure the security and governance of data, and manage large data collections simply and easily. That’s where Qlik Data Integration (QDI) comes in.


Why Choose Qlik Data Integration?

Move from batch data processing to real-time, analytics-ready data. QDI is the only solution that combines real-time CDC with complete automation from raw to analytics-ready data. This is perfect for organisations who want to get more out of their investment in Enterprise databases and SAP, for example public services and manufacturing.

Modernise, Automate and Simplify Data Integration with Analytics-Ready Data Delivery

Automate real-time data streaming, refinement, cataloging & publishing

Business is moving at such a fast pace that you need up-to-the-moment data at your fingertips. Automatic data cleansing, validation, and profiling ensure data quality, and document the exact content, structure, and quality of each source. Users can explore data in the knowledge it is high quality, validated, up to date, reliable, and governed – and easily find data using an innovative and visual catalog and marketplace.

Agent-less, code-free, low latency analytics

Qlik Data Integration (QDI) supports the largest set of data sources and targets – optimised to the native APIs and formats – including object stores, databases, data warehouses, data lakes and streaming – and can easily adapt to new technologies and platforms.

All of this is done agent-less, with low latency, and in real-time, with no need for manual coding. QDI is compatible with QlikView, Qlik Sense, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau.

Your digital transformation starts here, with QDI and Perfect Image.

Customer Success Story: Northumbria Police

Northumbria Police are looking to take advantage of the powerful Qlik Data Integration (QDI) stack to extract, transform and warehouse data from historic systems. It also enables data cleanse, track, audit and generate datasets that can be directly imported into their Qlik Sense platform. This will create a fully governed platform from start to finish for their analytics journey.

How we can help

Since 2018, Perfect Image is certified as the UK’s #1 Qlik Partner and a Qlik Elite Partner and Solution Provider. We provide consultancy, training, support and managed services for our analytics customers who we help to get more out of their data.

With our extensive data, analytics and Qlik knowledge we can provide an end-to-end analytics solution with data architecture and implementation consultancy. Our experience spans not only the Qlik range of products, but also Microsoft Power BI for visualisation and Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud services.

We offer training and support to not only help you get started with QDI but to benefit from it long term. We aim to be your IT advisor and help you get the most out of your data and systems now and in the future.

If you’re ready to accelerate the discovery of insights with analytics-ready data, get in touch. One of our experts will be in touch soon to discuss your problems, needs, and goals – and how we can help you to fulfil them.

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