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Qlik Sense is the next generation of data analytics solutions.

Discover something new with every click you make, using a cloud-ready data visualisation platform that gives you a deeper view of your organisation. Visualisations are customisable, responsive and easy to use, instantly turning any member of staff into a data analyst. Linear data drilling and static reporting is out; instead rely on reactive, intuitive data exploration for actionable business insights, fast.

Rapidly compile and explore all your business data in a centralised, governed source

Interrogate data in new ways with stunning, easy-to-understand visualisations

Empower employees with collaboration and shareable dashboards to keep teams on the same page

Turn valuable, meaningful insights into action for impactful data-backed decisions

A Transformative, High Performance, and Intuitive BI Platform

When it comes to discovering superfast insights, there is no competition for Qlik Sense, a leading self-service data discovery tool that gives you total freedom to create innovative visualisations. With Qlik’s unique Associative Engine, automatic associations make instant analysis and ad hoc reporting easy, showing you all of the relationships in your data so you can make more successful business decisions. Qlik GeoAnalytics provides high powered mapping and location analytics with easy-to-build maps, state of the art map visualisation and blended geo data and non-geo data for enriched data analytics that help you to make better informed location-related decisions. For modern analytics you can use on the move, use the innovative mobile-friendly Qlik Sense app. Get instant results to any query you have, at any time. Ad hoc reporting is easy to find the answers to questions you have never had answered before.

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What Qlik can do is over and above what Excel has done for us in the past – it’s amazing. We’ve had some senior members of staff even use the word, ‘Wow!'
Manager of IT at Nifco UK
In the Qlik Sense dashboard we can dynamically dig into the data. In my 20 years of IT I’ve never seen IT and business sit in the same room, looking at the same thing, and getting very excited. That’s a really happy side effect I couldn’t have predicted.
General Manager of IT at Formica
Scrolling through reams of spreadsheets and columns and rows, it’s just numbers. You get number blind. That’s where Qlik’s user interface comes into its own and allows you to present that in a meaningful way.
Business Intelligence Manager at Nexus
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Insight - Case study
By adopting a tailored Qlik solution, Nifco UK was able to have one source of the truth for business-critical information, they could perform "what if" predictive analysis for their factories, and much more. They recently also submitted their Qlik apps for a global award.
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Don’t Just Take It From Us: A BI Leader for 8 Consecutive Years

Qlik is a proven leader in the BI industry, as confirmed by Gartner for the eighth consecutive year. Of the three Leaders, Qlik is positioned closest to “Visionary” which evidences their willingness to continually advance and progress to meet customer demand. Business Application Research Centre (BARC) has ranked Qlik Sense number one across 16 international categories, including: cloud BI, self-service, vendor support, price-to-value, location intelligence, visual analysis, and innovation.


To get you started, our team of experts will design an effective, tailored Qlik Sense architecture based on the way you work and what you require. Our infrastructure team can also help to reduce your hosting costs using Qlik Sense cloud, utilising Azure or AWS. Find out more


If you already use Qlik, we can improve user adoption and ROI through a Review, Recommend and Resolve process. We will work with you to discover your business needs, optimise licencing, and design a method to assist you in achieving your goals. Find out more


We work alongside you, your employees and your IT department to plan, deliver and manage the perfect solution for you using our expert consultants and elite technologies. Find out more


We work alongside you, your employees and your IT department to plan, deliver and manage the perfect solution for you using our expert consultants and elite technologies. Find out more


We’re able to valuably extend your internal IT team, or to take on the whole responsibility of your BI platform. We consistently deliver the highest customer care and service standards through honesty, responsiveness, flexibility and technical innovation. Find out more

Perfect Image was first approached by Nexus in 2010 to provide a robust BI solution. Their previous solution was clunky, time-consuming, laborious and difficult to use. Find out what Perfect Image did to help Nexus. Read the full story

Perfect Image: A Qualified, Experienced Qlik Elite Partner

Perfect Image is a Qlik Elite Partner with expertise in utilising cloud technologies such as Azure and AWS. We are also an AWS Consulting Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, and Alteryx Premium Partner. Our team of certified BI experts are skilled in delivering a best-fit solution for a maximum impact on business transformation.

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Frequently asked questions about Qlik Sense®

How is it hosted?

We can work with you to decide the best way of hosting your new or extended BI solution. This could be on premise, in the cloud, or using a hybrid approach. In the cloud, data and files are saved in external servers, the system can be accessed using the internet, and the software automatically updates.

What size business is supported?

Whether your company is a small to medium sized business (SMB), small to medium sized enterprise (SME) or large enterprise, you will be supported by the impressive scalability of Qlik Sense.

What are my licensing options?

Qlik Sense pricing has user-, server-, and subscription-based licensing options, that Perfect Image can help you to choose or optimise so you get the most out of your investment. Get in touch to find out more about your licensing options.

What is the latest version?
What industries do you and Qlik Sense support?

Perfect Image can utilise this flexible, adaptable platform to benefit industries such as retail, transport, insurance, public sector, healthcare, government, professional services, financial services and manufacturing, among many others. Simply get in touch if you’d like to find out more about your industry.

Do you support my business role?

All business roles can take advantage of Qlik Sense, whether creating dashboards or simply interacting with an easily consumable report or visualisation. Qlik Sense puts the power of data back into the hands of users for better visibility into a company’s success and needs.

IT Managers

Qlik Sense offers centrally governed and secure data as standard, this combined with its self-service data analytics means your IT team can focus on more value-add tasks.

Data Analysts

Utilise quick, smart data loading to connect, prepare, clean and combine real-time data into one consistent source to create accurate and meaningful real-time reports.

Business Users

Whether you’re in operations, sales or HR, you can simplify data analysis and discover actionable insight with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Striking out-of-the-box visualisations instantly provide deep, actionable insights.

Do you support my technology

No matter what technology and systems you currently have, Qlik Sense can work with them. This open and flexible platform allows you to use APIs, custom connectors and integrations to extend and embed Qlik Sense, so you can explore multiple data sources in a single application. For companies with many disparate or incompatible data sources, Alteryx is a popular choice of a time saving BI tool that blends and preps data for output into Qlik Sense.

Who do you work with?

We work with a range of BI products and platforms to ensure that we always have the right tools at hand to create value-add solutions that support and progress your business. Our valued BI partners include Qlik, Alteryx, Microsoft and TimeXtender.

Can you support my team?

Our flexible managed services approach means we can deliver the level of BI support you require, to ensure best value – whether that is a certain aspect of BI support, or the full responsibility. We’re here for your whole BI journey, including architecting and implementing a value-add solution and proactively supporting and maintaining it long term.

Can you support my existing estate?

If you currently use Qlik Sense or any other Business Intelligence software, you can request an in depth health check to discover anything requiring optimisation. You can be sure that your business is getting as much value as possible out of your BI investment. If you currently use QlikView but you want to take the next step up to self-service data discoveries with Qlik Sense, we’re here to upgrade and migrate you.