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Are you currently managing your own IT support, or looking to switch support providers? It may be that your current provider doesn’t provide a service as proactive as you need, or they are too costly for the support you receive. If you handle your own support, your team may be spending too much time and effort on a task that feels unsurmountable with the number of threats and risks your business faces every day.

As time goes on, businesses become ever more reliant on IT and the amount of data held and at risk increases by the day. It can feel like an unsurmountable task to keep on top of the many moving parts that goes into protecting your IT infrastructure, including servers, data, systems, email, websites, and so much more. We understand how stressful businesses can find trying to manage risks and stay ahead of the game in locking down and keeping their systems secure. All it takes is one slip up for all of your hard work to feel meaningless.

You don’t want to retain the headache of worrying when the next cyber attack will hit. You simply want a secure, optimised and highly available IT infrastructure. You would rather focus your energy onto value-add projects that will delight your team, business and customers.

FlexCare Managed IT Support Packages

The following table demonstrates what you will receive as part of your FlexCare Business support package, along with the additional benefits you receive by upgrading to our FlexCare Enterprise package.

FlexCare Business
FlexCare Enterprise
Response Time
Onsite Support Included
Asset Management
IT Equipment
Patch Management
Backup Monitoring
Real-Time Endpoint Monitoring
Printer Support
3rd Party Triage
Business Continuity & DR Planning
Technical & Cost-Saving Strategy Sessions
Backup Recovery Testing
Cyber Foundation Security Package

What Else is Included?

Specialist Help in Devising a Disaster Recover Strategy

Our enterprise support packages include time with a certified and experienced technical consultant. They will work with you to devise a disaster recovery strategy that minimises the impact to your business should disaster strike. This will cover common and well-established scenarios to more advanced cutting-edge risks.

Technical Strategy Time for Planning

When looking for the right technologies to secure your system, you could spend days researching and querying when in reality they develop and progress constantly to keep up with new risks and threats. Knowing if, where and when to invest can take up more cost in terms of time than the potential benefits. We want to help you win back your time. Our enterprise support packages also include technical strategy time to help you plan changes for cost savings, risk reduction, office moves – whatever you need.

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Choose A Perfect Image FlexCare Managed IT Support Package

We focus on excellent service, proactive communication, and fast resolution.

Unlike many others, we don’t just offer support. We’re an end-to-end IT solutions provider and we aim to be your long-term trusted IT advisor so anytime you have a new goal to meet or a new challenge to overcome, we’re there to help. We follow industry-standard best practices and our tried-and-tested approach to support means you know you’re getting the best service possible.

You don’t want the headache of managing and maintaining your technologies, that’s why we take ownership of issues until they are resolved. This leaves you with more time to work on projects that you enjoy, and that add value to your organisation.

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