On Demand Webinar: Dynamics 365 – Personalising Customer Service With A Remote Team

Discover how Dynamics 365 supports distributed customer service teams, empowering agents to deliver excellent customer service.


Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The way in which we engage and provide support to our customers has dramatically changed in recent months. So has the way our internal customer service teams interact.

In this on demand webinar, Paul Rutter looks at some of the key features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service which enable organisations to provide personalised, multi-channel service to their customers – whilst enabling a remote workforce.

  • How Dynamics 365 supports distributed customer service teams
  • Empower customers to self-serve
  • Use AI powered virtual agents to automate common issues
  • Engage customers instantly across multiple digital messaging channels
  • Capture customer satisfaction using CSAT and NPS metrics
  • Use AI to analyse cases and discover emerging trends and potential problem areas


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