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Perfect Image COVID-19 Response - Perfect Image
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Perfect Image COVID-19 Response

The current COVID-19 outbreak has dominated discussions within the media, within our business and, no doubt, within yours. This is an extraordinary situation which very few can say they were adequately prepared for.

My focus has been first and foremost the safety and wellbeing of everyone here at Perfect Image. We had previously introduced flexibility around home working to improve the wellbeing and environment for our staff. This allowed us to react to government advice with minimal effort and disruption.

To further safeguard our staff we asked customers to work with us on a remote basis where possible. This has been met with such positivity and encouragement that work has been able to continue for many of our engagements.

I’ve been proud to see our employees continuing with regular meetings and using Microsoft Teams video conferences to give a more engaging experience than just using voice calls. I’ve even seen colleagues arranging “virtual lunches” to keep up with the social aspect that we can all miss when distanced from the office.

There is not a lot I can do to help us get back to normal, but I can at least help improve morale where I can. This is why each day I am setting challenges to get everyone participating in a bit of fun on Teams. When asking everyone to send in photos of the most interesting workplace view, we were treated to geeky desk setups, pets enjoying the unusual daytime affection, and inquisitive kids happy to be around their parents.

While we look to keep things running smoothly at Perfect Image, we are conscious that you are too. We have been overwhelmed by messages of thanks for our service and to individuals who have gone the extra mile. I am incredibly proud and grateful for those who have stepped in to help another team because they are being inundated with calls or stayed late to support our customers who are setting their staff up for working from home.

We are trying where we can to pass on some great offers of help from our partners. Microsoft has offered a 6 month trial of Teams (which I could not live without!), Amazon is offering extended trials on Amazon Workspaces for up to 50 users and Qlik is providing free training content. You can find out more about these offers here.

We see ourselves as a trusted partner to you and your organisation, and as such we are keen to help where we can. Please let us know if we can support you during these challenging times.

From all here at Perfect Image, I want to wish you and your teams all the very best.