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Achieve a well-designed and cost-efficient on-premise IT infrastructure.

If you use or need traditional on-premise infrastructure, it can be difficult to upkeep and maintain. Having a secure, reliable infrastructure can empower you to remain competitive and enable business growth. However, this can be difficult to achieve without continuous maintenance and spending a lot of time fixing and optimising your hardware. You are likely striving to reduce your infrastructure’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Let us help you with a cost-efficient, high-powered on-premise solution and our expert IT services.

Why Choose Traditional Infrastructure?

Traditional infrastructure for the modern world
Secure, reliable on-premise solution
Simplify your IT infrastructure

We understand that pure cloud solutions aren’t the ideal fit for everyone. That’s why we offer traditional infrastructure services that keep your current infrastructure working at its full potential.

Choose from a secure and reliable on-premise infrastructure or a tailored, high-performance hybrid solution. A hybrid solution means keeping what you need in your on-premise servers and moving the rest to a secure and highly available cloud solution.

If you opt for a hybrid or all in cloud solution, there will always be an amount of network kit to allow your users to connect to the on-premise of cloud services. Perfect Image work with best of breed network vendors to design, deploy and maintain this essential equipment. Perfect Image support and managed IT support can proactively monitor these devices to ensure your users are always connected.

Perfect Image also support and maintain traditional virtualisation and server infrastructure. This could be a long-term strategy or could be part of a cloud migration project. Perfect Image have years of experience managing and maintaining traditional infrastructure for companies large and small.

How Can We Help?

For 28+ years we have worked with traditional infrastructure, always striving to be on the cutting edge of technologies. Whatever infrastructure you currently have, we will assess it and identify areas requiring improvement. We take the time to understand how you work, what you need, your business and your industry to ensure the work carried out is the right fit for you. Benefit from a well-designed architecture that is secure and highly resilient.

We use modern technologies to provide highly available and robust solutions and drive positive business transformation. Gain secure, agile access management. We’ll support your hardware, virtualisation software and network devices. With Network Access Control (NAC) you gain real-time visibility into (and to restrict) devices that are connected to your network to help keep it secure.

Every solution we offer is tailored to your unique needs. Work with an IT infrastructure solution provider that will deliver incredible results now and in the future.

Support & Managed IT Support

Our support and managed IT support offerings take the responsibility of managing and maintaining your infrastructure away. You get an efficient break/fix service, or fully outsource your IT support to us for proactive service that can identify and fix issues before they become problems. You get time to work on projects that improve your business while we focus on your IT. We use a unique blend of consulting, results-focused solution architecture, and proactive support so you gain the most value from your systems now and in the future.

Cloud Migration

You may be worried about the cost, risk and complications of migrating your systems to the cloud. That’s why we’re here; to take the headache away from migrating your systems and data to the cloud. Benefit from an efficient, secure cloud migration that gets you up and running in the cloud in no time. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner who can help you to choose the right cloud provider. We will design and deliver your ideal solution, and support it long-term afterwards.

Traditional Infrastructure Services

Our dedicated teams of experts work with you to build, tailor or optimise the ideal on-premise solution for your business.
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Cloud Consulting
To discuss how you could benefit from a cloud or hybrid solution, talk to one of our friendly experts.
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Security & Compliance
We will ensure your data and systems are highly secure, compliant,
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Support & Managed IT Services
Discover our proactive, cost-effective support and fully managed services for your infrastructure.
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Cloud Health Check
To keep costs down and performance and security up, we offer a Health Check and then offer optimisation services.
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Cloud Migration
To migrate some or all of your traditional infrastructure to the cloud, get in touch today to get started.
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We will architect a well-designed and secure network to keep your data and applications secure and performing to their full potential.
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There were a lot of iterations and conversations about little tiny bits that an individual looking at it wouldn’t even notice. But the devil is in the detail and that’s where Perfect Image is most comfortable with. Then when you look at the project you know it’s thorough. That was good. It was challenging at times but that’s what it’s meant to be, you’re meant to work out the finer details and we definitely did.
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Avail wanted to develop an app, their unique product, to change recruitment within the driving industry and empower users.
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Why Choose Perfect Image for Traditional Infrastructure? 

Perfect Image has 28+ years’ experience of designing, delivering and managing intelligent IT solutions. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner and Advanced AWS Consulting Partner who can help to fix your existing issues and fulfil your goals. Boost productivity and efficiency using Business Applications, turn data into decisions that propel your business forward with Data & Analytics, and modernise your business by adopting a powerful Cloud Infrastructure. To transform your business into a modern workplace, we can architect and carry out your full intelligent IT transformation. Our friendly, specialist teams of dedicated experts are on hand to tailor your systems to the way your business works to empower your staff. We are a nationally recognised IT solution provider that provides world-class technologies and specialist IT services to transform your business and drive incredible results.

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