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Avoid the financial expense that a breach can cost with a Splunk SIEM solution provided by Perfect Image

It is extremely difficult for organisations to keep up-to-date with the everchanging landscape of cybersecurity. It takes a lot of time and hard work to maintain compliance and security, but just one breach to make all of that hard work feel meaningless – and cyberattacks are rapidly on the rise.

That’s why Splunk is an established, recognised IT security tool used by thousands of companies worldwide. With its powerful SIEM (Security Information And Event Management) solution, threats are detected and eradicated faster than ever before. Rest easy knowing you have market-leading technologies, boosted by the expert help of Perfect Image, protecting your IT infrastructure.


What can a SIEM solution offer you?

Traditional security software with structured database schema may miss or discard thousands of potential clues about cyberattacks. However, with Splunk’s innovative analytics-driven SIEM solution, you take advantage of market-leading incident review, incident management support, analytics and behaviour profiling, threat intelligence and ad hoc search. Indications of compromise analysis takes minutes – not hours or days like traditional security software.

Why Use Perfect Image For Splunk Security Support?

Partner with us and our certified security experts will set up your SIEM solution, freeing up your team’s time to concentrate on other IT priorities. We will help with your business strategy – effective security detection and prevention will help to reduce cyber-attacks and ensure compliance. Evolve your technology and approach to security.

Managed Security Experts

We will work with you to understand your risks, vulnerability and governance drivers. We will then review your systems and recommend technical and process changes so you can have a suitable level of ongoing IT compliance and security.

Specialist Support

You are always covered by our support and assistance but on a cost-effective pay-as-you-use model. We are IT service providers who can provide short, long-term or ad hoc support and management of existing or new IT systems.

Engaged Partnership Approach

We actively remain in regular contact because we want to ensure your needs are being heard and met. We’re committed to understanding what you want and what we can do to keep you feeling happy and supported.

Certified Splunk Partner

Perfect Image is a Splunk Partner with the proven skills and experience to ensure our clients benefit from a stress-free and valuable SIEM (Security Information And Event Management) environment.

More Than Just A Conversation

You can discuss any questions, concerns, needs or goals with one of our SIEM solution experts. We can explore what your organisation’s current pain points are and how you can solve them. You can even find out how our current customers have used SIEM solutions to benefit their organisation.

In-House Team Of Experts

What makes us truly unique are our talented, innovative people. They are individually certified SIEM specialists, working together to create your ideal solution.

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If you’d like to speak to one of our experts, they will be happy to discuss your requirements and next steps. Get in touch today!

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