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When you have heavily invested into existing systems over the years, but they no longer deliver the performance or functionality you require, it can be a difficult choice whether to persevere with what you know or to update your software. Over time, existing systems prove expensive, as their inability to respond to business process changes prevents work from being done in new, more effective ways.

Don’t let the investment you have already made go to waste – modernise your software to work in the way you need it to. That could be connecting it with other key systems, making it available across web and mobile devices, extending functionality, or migrating your app to the cloud. You need to weigh up the short-term effort of modernising with the long-term benefits of an efficient and transformative system that operates exactly how you need it to. Let us help you renovate your existing software to meet your needs now, and in the future.

Benefits of app modernisation

When you update and optimise your software, it can be changed and updated faster in the future and you become a more agile, responsive business. When other key business systems are connected, your teams will work more seamlessly together for better collaboration. Renovating your software reduces complexity, improves user experience and enables far better engagement. Save developers’ time from maintenance and instead allow them to focus on innovating and continually improving the app, so it delivers more value.

Migrate your app to the cloud

On-premise systems are restrictive, expensive and time-consuming to scale and can be difficult and unsecure to use on-the-go. We can help you to migrate to the two biggest market-leaders in cloud computing – Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Boost your application with cloud-powered benefits such as scalability, cost-efficiency and agility. Hosting your app in the cloud supports a fast-paced business, and you can become more efficient and responsive to customer demand.

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Why choose Perfect Image?

Perfect Image is a full-service IT solutions provider with 25+ years of experience. We’re a certified software development and cloud expert. Depending on your internal team’s skills, resources and workload, Perfect Image can step in to help as much as you need. We assist with services including:


Let us help you with your current issues and find the best way of optimising your strategy and business processes to meet your business goals.

Application health check

We will check your current systems for any potential cost efficiencies and improvements.

Post-implementation support/fully managed service

We will proactively support your team, application and infrastructure. Alternatively, you can give us the responsibility of managing and maintaining your software as part of a fully managed IT service, so you can focus on growing your business.


For any other needs you may have, our dedicated teams of experts in areas such as CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence can help.

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