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Perfect Image Cyber Security Services

We live in a digital era and nearly everything we do in today’s world is using computers. While this opens new possibilities, it also means that we have unprecedented levels of data – and cyber attacks. How you decide to deal with cyber security by securing your IT infrastructure (including networks, data, programmes, business systems) and training your staff could be vital to your company’s survival.

Some startling statistics from DCMS are that 32% of all businesses in the UK have suffered a security breach and 60% of SMBs that suffer a cyber security attack are out of business within 6 months.

With Perfect Image’s cyber security services, we will bring your security up to the level required either because your business wants it, your customers demand it, or your industry requires it. Perfect Image helps customers to achieve the biggest improvements with the smallest budget.

Why Choose Our Cyber Security Services?

In most cases, assisting customers in achieving these improved levels of security involves a one-off project improving systems, training staff and fortifying your network. Choose from our three levels of cyber security postures that we can help you to reach, based on your specific business’s security needs. We will help you to decide on what security is best for you using our consulting-led approach.

All of our cyber security packages address the core attack vectors on which a company will be targeted and their mitigations, including (but not limited to):

  • User & Social Engineering
  • Encryption
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Data Exfiltration
  • Web & Domain Name Attacks
  • Email Attacks & Scams
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Cloud Security

3 levels of Cyber Security Postures we can help you to reach

Cyber Foundation

The minimum level of security recommended for all customers and includes recommend settings changes, policies and procedural changes, as well as proactive monitoring from us. This includes your mobile devices, web, domain and email attacks, and on-premise or cloud infrastructure security.

Cyber Business

For customers who want higher levels of security, this level of security further extends the Foundation tier to deeper IT infrastructure safeguarding.

Cyber Premium

This package offers our highest level of cyber security. For customers with specific requirements due to compliance, or if you feel your organisation may be prone to a persistent targeted attack, we can help you improve and maintain your security posture with highest tier security option.

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One-Off Security Services

User Awareness Training
The biggest risk to your security posture can be your users. To ease this problem, we offer user awareness training that is personalised to your needs.
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Phishing Simulation
A great follow up to user awareness training can be regular phishing simulations to keep your staff alert to attack.
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Dark Web Scan
We will scan the dark web for your organisation’s domain to find any breaches in your security. We will offer advice on how to fix these problems.
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Vulnerability Testing
We will mimic a cyber attack on your infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses and provide a personalised report of remediation recommendations. Act proactively against attack and gain peace of mind.
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Why Choose Perfect Image?

Perfect Image has nearly 30 years of experience in delivering and managing intelligent IT solutions that deliver real value. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Qlik Elite Partner, and Alteryx Premier Partner who can help with everything from a simple single-system migration to a full Modern Workplace solution. We aim to be your trusted IT advisor, someone you can turn to if you have any questions, ideas or issues. Our friendly, specialist teams of dedicated experts are on hand to work with you and empower your staff and boost productivity.

Unlike many others, we don’t just offer support. We’re an end-to-end IT solutions provider and we aim to be your long-term trusted IT advisor so anytime you have a new goal to meet or a new challenge to overcome, we’re there to help. We follow industry-standard best practices and our tried-and-tested approach to support means you know you’re getting the best service possible.

We use a unique blend of consulting, results-focused solution architecture, and proactive support to ensure you gain the most value from your systems now and in the future. We understand that IT and cyber security can be huge headaches and we want to help you to focus on your business while we focus on your IT.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Innovative Network Operations Centre for proactive IT support – identifying and resolving issues before they become problems.
  • First and second-line helpdesk with escalations to software analysts, engineers and consultants
  • Self-service customer support portal
  • Single point of contact for all of your IT and technology needs
  • Direct access to experienced technical experts so you get the support you need, even faster
  • Not just break/fix support; we’re practical and proactive
  • A consultative approach to the continuous improvement of your IT estate and ongoing optimisations

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