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healthcare rm

Case Study healthcare rm + Perfect Image
healthcare rm + Perfect Image
The ability now to do more with customisation, particularly web-based forms, means if we bring on a new client – or an existing client wants to bring in a new service – it’s really quick and easy to set that up without compromising on things like security, data capture, etc. To coin a phrase, ‘we become more dynamic with Dynamics 365. Operations Director, healthcare rm

Key Project Highlights

Years of investing into the development of their tailored solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (previously known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM) has given healthcare rm the competitive edge with a predicted income efficiency saving of around £221k annually. Their integrated health solutions have won major customer contracts, saving one large customer 18 million pounds in just one year and live demos of their unique system have played an important part of winning these clients.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 forms part of the service offered – with 93% of customers describing service as “effortless” post-upgrade – and is constantly adapted and developed to become ever more sophisticated. This has led to a 53% increase in customer satisfaction scores. Internally, employee efficiency has been given a huge boost with a 60% improvement in time to complete cases, with case managers spending far less time looking for information with data-rich contact records.

About healthcare rm

healthcare rm was established in 2000 and provides solutions for clients to improve the health and wellbeing of employees and at the same time reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of healthcare spend at the organisational level. healthcare rm comprehensively gathers and analyses data to identify sickness absence insights and develops tailored, successful health strategies for its customers. Their services are delivered remotely and on-site, integrating health at the organisational level across safety, health and wellbeing and at the personal level, considering physical, psychological, social, occupational and lifestyle related risk factors.

2011 Onwards: A Journey to an Increasingly Tailored Customer-Centric Solution

2011 – Implementing a CRM system

In 2011, healthcare rm approached Perfect Image to create a CRM system to replace the limited functionality of the Access databases and Excel spreadsheets they were using. Instead of the tailored CRM solution the organisation had considered, Perfect Image suggested it would cost much less, and be more effective long-term, to adopt and tailor Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365).

Operations Director Chris Howell, explains how Dynamics 365 provides a key foundation for the company’s service offering: “Everything is done over CRM where we hold employee records, all medical information and all assessments. It’s the heartbeat of our integrated health model. Without it, we wouldn’t have a 3D picture of these employees, which allows us to prevent, assess, manage and mitigate any health issues that could be affecting them, which ultimately impacts our clients’ businesses.”

Making the system more customer-centric

Since implementation, Perfect Image has regularly engaged with healthcare rm to further tailor, develop and enhance the system. Most recently, a new batch of work was completed to make Dynamics 365 the key “one system” for the business as every interaction and every piece of data should be stored there.

For each record on Dynamics 365, the organisation wanted not just additional information, but better quality data with greater depth. Chris says, “In the last three years the business has been growing, and a growing business needs to have a good system behind it. It’s all about making the system customer-centric. It always was, but it’s about enhancing that. We need to have a robust, streamlined system in the back end, with a customised front end system, for the benefit of our customers.”

Benefits: Data-rich customer records result in 60% reduction in the time taken

Contact records more data-rich to assist with preventing absences

Now, healthcare rm has a better, richer view of information and interactions with its customers’ employees. A wider range of information is now pulled into the system and contact records, for example about employees’ interaction with all service offerings. This has led to a huge 60% improvement in the average time it takes to complete cases.

Chris says, “We’re able to build a holistic view of the individual more easily. The more they interact with us, the more information that we understand about them related to their health. We can better work with them from a risk profile perspective, in terms of preventing ill health and injury.”

Reducing clicks for an increase in efficiency

With easy to access information, healthcare rm staff manage individuals on the phone and need instant access to data spend less time searching for it. This has resulted in a huge 36% reduction in the time it takes to find information and manage cases, using new dashboard functionality. They can provide a better service, in less time. As a result, the organisation has a predicted saving of around £221k per year.

Chris says Dynamics 365 has given employee efficiency a huge boost: “Where we found the biggest efficiencies is by reducing down clicks. Roughly, some of the initial changes over an annual period has increased our capacity to the equivalent of about four people. It’s really easy for us to see what has happened with an individual’s health, what’s about to happen and therefore our staff can make better decisions on what needs to happen next.”

Better flexibility and integrations than the competition – “It’s phenomenal”

Chris says that Dynamics 365’s effortless integrations with their customers’ HR and absence systems are of huge benefit to healthcare rm and its clients: “To make those integrations you need a dynamic system. CRM is able to be adapted to link into all of those systems so we can set up our services quite seamlessly.”

Chris explains this is his most valued benefit of the system: “It’s the confidence to be able to tell clients we’ll find a way to link to their systems. For me – having worked at other large organisations prior to healthcare rm where the systems aren’t that flexible – it’s phenomenal. There doesn’t appear to be any limitations.”

Highly sensitive information strongly protected by Dynamics 365

Protecting their highly sensitive health data is of the utmost importance. Perfect Image assisted in creating security roles, to only grant access permissions within Dynamics 365 to certain employees, which was recently improved with additional roles for more flexibility. This was to restrict who could export data from the system as much as possible to safeguard this sensitive information. Another feature to assist with data protection is the ability to quickly remove users and contacts from the system.

“The data is secure; there are many ways of putting information into CRM but there’s only one way of getting it out. With the flexibility you can put into the security roles, there’s a very small number of people in the business who can actually access all of the data, which in the light of global changes around data legislation puts us and our customers at ease.” Chris says.

Increasingly self-service solution for more control over data – “we become more dynamic with Dynamics 365”

Perfect Image’s team are now working with healthcare rm to build integrated healthcare web forms for a range of uses to collect more data for contact records. These web forms can be for customers to provide updates of employee records, or for their employees to complete absence, employment and lifestyle questionnaires.

Chris explains that the web forms help with self-sufficiency because: “The ability now to do more with customisation, particularly web-based forms, means if we bring on a new client – or an existing client wants to bring in a new service – it’s really quick and easy to set that up without compromising on things like security, data capture, etc. To coin a phrase, ‘we become more dynamic with Dynamics 365.’”

Winning customer contracts with unique live demos of Dynamics 365

For existing customers, there has been a massive 53% increase in customer satisfaction scores. To get new customers on board, Chris says it’s important to be able to not just tell, but show the powerful capabilities of their customised and industry-leading solution and services. “From my experience, organisations in our industry will always say, “Yes, my system can do this or that,” and sometimes that’s not the case. The reality is they don’t have the technical knowledge to do that.”

healthcare rm has found it more effective to win customers with a live demo of what Dynamics 365 can achieve, as it is so unique: “We won a contract with a major airline company. We did a live demo of the system integrating with sickness absence data. To be able to sit in front of customers and be able to say, “We can do that, but don’t just take our word for it, watch this,” enhances our offering, showing the edge we have on our competitors and this helps win clients.”

Millions of pounds saved for customers

Dynamics 365 is used to benefit all their customers, and since the most recent upgrade, 93% of customers describe their service as “effortless.” But, for one in particular, healthcare rm assisted with a huge cost saving.

Chris explains: “One customer, in just the first year, saved circa 18 million pounds from healthcare rm’s integrated health solution with integration between Dynamics 365 and the client’s human capital management system. This allowed for effective sickness absence management and the driving of cost-saving efficiencies. Interlinking with their HR systems, and the value we’re able to bring to companies through analysis of the exhaustive data collected through Dynamics 365, means absolute transparency about where health risks lie. You can’t really put a price on that, where the largest spend by businesses tends to be their people.”

Utilising insight to improve productivity and reduce absences

The organisation also used Dynamics 365 to identify ways of reducing absences for another of their customers, a large and busy call centre.

Chris says, “They had high sickness issues around certain parts of the year. We were able to identify it was stress-related and the nutritional choices that were being made by the population. Over a year we’ve captured all of the information in CRM, and identified that those peaks in sickness are when they get high call volume. Then we’re able to go into the next year and put programs into place to mitigate further risk and ultimately drive down sickness absences whilst improving the long term health of those individuals.”

The Future: Developing Dynamics 365’s capabilities to stay ahead of the curve

“The goals of our organisation are to continue to grow and shape the face of healthcare across the UK and globally. For us, CRM will never stand still because we’re very much at the forefront of our industry. What others are trying to achieve with their systems is simply to have a person’s record all in one place, so everyone can access it and see what’s going on. But they’re not quite there. We’re doing it and have been for some time.”

Ultimately it is about delivering the best service possible for their customers and to do this they will need Dynamics 365 to evolve to constantly adapt to the changing needs of the organisation and the wider industry. Chris explains the further development they want going forwards: “A lot of our services are designed to support an employee when they’re not at work with health issues, but our ultimate goal is to start using our system to start identifying and addressing risks in a preventative, rather than reactive, measure.”

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