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Become a more proactive, forward-thinking business with easy-to-use predictive analytics.

Previously, predictive analytics would have been something only highly experienced data scientists could have delivered. Now, predictive analytics are at your fingertips and your business can reap the rewards of becoming more proactive and forward-thinking.

What is Predictive Analytics and How Can You Benefit?

Predictive analytics provide powerful insight that lets you become more agile. Alteryx makes this so easy to do, with a drag-and-drop interface and a code-free or code-friendly platform. Their Machine Learning and AI-boosted predictive analytics give you the competitive edge and keep you ahead of the curve. You can better plan resources like staff or product replenishment – the use cases for this powerful tool are limitless.

Benefit from effortless data investigation, data cleansing, feature engineering, traditional and modern statistical modelling, time series, and predictive grouping. Alteryx puts the power in the hands of business analysts and data scientists, so they can utilize predictive analytics tools for powerful insight including regression analysis, ARIMA modelling, and more, to elevate intelligence into areas such as sales and consumer trends or product and inventory forecasts. Bring predictive analytics into your complete analytics workflow — from data to dashboard, or back to your database.

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81% of data analysts are unsatisfied with the speed of their analytics process – Alteryx totally eradicates that issue with superfast, easy-to-use Business Intelligence.
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