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Discover location-based insights that revolutionise how – and where - you do business.

It can be an error-prone and time-consuming process to blend multiple datasets, apply geocoding, and enrich it with location intelligence. Combining in-house, geographic, and third-party data often means spreadsheets and manual coding. However, these insights can be pivotal to aid with data-backed decision making.

What is Geospatial Analytics and How Can You Benefit?

Geospatial analytics enable everyone to unlock and deliver key location insights. 70-80% of data has a spatial element to it, meaning you miss the location points hidden in your data. Start connecting the dots and finding geographic relationships you didn’t even know existed.

With built-in spatial analytics, Alteryx enables anyone to unleash geospatial intelligence. Combine your data with third party sources such as TomTom, the UK census, Google Maps, and much more. Alteryx makes it so easy to extract and blend data that you’ll actively look for new sources to add to datasets for enriched analysis.

Alteryx provides geospatial analytics tools that make field service and sales territory optimisation, asset location planning, transportation and logistics management, and location-specific marketing easier than you ever thought possible. You can easily work out distances, drive time, find nearest, and much more. Use a spatial matching tool to establish relationships between two locations (for example how many customers are outside of a ten-minute drive time for a location).

These intelligent findings can be outputted into a data visualisation tool such as Qlik. Then you can explore data naturally on maps or images to uncover deeper insights.

We threw in a dataset with all of our customer records, and it automatically picked up the geographical information and showed us it on the map straight away. The fact we could do it like that – and couldn’t explain how – is what’s really impressive about it. It’s like magic, some of the stuff it does.
General Manager of IT at Formica
We did some reports recently to show where we should base our clinics, based on where the patients were in the area. It was easy to use, we didn’t feel we needed to have a whole raft of developers building these reports; with the skills that we had in the organisation we could do that quite easily.
Head of Performance at Bromley Healthcare
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Insight - Case studyInsights
Bromley Healthcare
Bromley Healthcare had a lot of information they weren't using to its full potential. With Perfect Image's help, they adopted Alteryx and Qlik Sense and became 20% more efficient, and have achieved a 98% customer satisfaction score.
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