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What Do You Want to Achieve?

Explore data using powerful, easy-to-use visualisations. 

Your business data is becoming more vital than ever. However, if data isn’t presented in the right format for the end users who depend on it to do their jobs, then analysing data can take hours of time, and be a very manual and frustrating process. Relying on end of month reporting means you miss out on the opportunity to find insights in real-time, and your competitors could be gaining the advantage.

What is Data Visualisation and how can you benefit from it?

Interactive data visualisations provide a new and improved way of presenting complex information. It makes it easier to uncover trends, discover insights, and find fresh ideas to reinvigorate your business. It transforms reams of numbers into stunning visualisations and in just a few clicks (rather than hours) you can find the next big idea to give your business a boost.

When data exploration is fun, you’re more likely to do it – and to do it well. Instant results mean you aren’t waiting for restrictive end of month reporting and you can act on data right now. Gain the edge over your competitors with data-backed decisions that drive real change. With intuitive data analysis, your team have access to the answers they need, when they need them, and they are empowered to do more in less time.

What Solution Do You Need?

The two industry-leading tools that we can offer you to help fix your existing issues and fulfil business goals are Qlik and Microsoft Power BI. 42% of data-backed business decisions need to be made within just one day, and these two tools can empower you to do that.

Qlik uses a unique Associative Engine to help you find the answers other analytics tool miss. It provides powerful self-service data visualisations and AI-powered intelligence that empower your team to do more with your data. Microsoft Power BI offers a range of stunning visualisations so even nontechnical users can understand the story behind your data, fast.

The deal breaker when choosing Qlik was the ability to bring in different data sources. It opens up a whole world of opportunity to us. We want to bring in all of that, look at the whole picture. That’s a huge selling point to us.
Director of Research Operations at Acritas
We were using a number of tools to analyse data, but it was taking longer and longer. We wanted to change both how we worked and the tools we used to become much more resilient and responsive and then raise customer expectations. We want to be the best at what we do and we want to add value to the data we have access to.
Lead Business Intelligence Officer at Calderdale Council
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Insight - Case studyInsights
Since adopting Qlik Sense, Acritas's customers receive a better, more user-friendly service and their staff are more engaged and satisfied. Using a self-service platform has removed the bottleneck of IT and given them the power to explore data by themselves.
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