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What Do You Want to Achieve?

Blend, cleanse and prepare your data – and you can do it with no code required.

When your business generates or has access to a huge amount of data, it can be difficult to blend it altogether in a cohesive and standardised way. Disparate systems provide incompatible data, but you need all of this data together for a 360-degree view of customers, products and staff. Your staff may be spending hours of time manually blending this data, but this can introduce human error into your data, so it becomes less reliable and truthful. Imagine if staff could spend less time fixing fields, and more time exploring data?

What is Data Preparation and How Can You Benefit?

Data preparation is the loading, joining and mapping of data to manipulate it to meet the needs of business users. A powerful data preparation tool makes blending your data easy, and automates time consuming tasks. It cleanses data to make it more reliable. No matter the source, data is standardised and cohesive and far easier to work with. After preparation, information can be outputted into a data visualisation tool for analysis. Shifting your team’s time away from frustrating manual work and towards uncovering valuable insights doesn’t just mean you benefit – so do your staff. They are empowered to do more and become more productive, efficient, and happier. Your team has hours of extra time to add value to your business and use insights to drive change. Your data is more reliable and produces more accurate and valuable results. The benefits of automated data preparation cannot be understated with the time and money savings you will make.

What Solution Do You Need?

The two industry-leading tools that we can offer you to help fix your existing issues and fulfil business goals are Alteryx and TimeXtender. 42% of data-backed business decisions need to be made within just one day, and these two tools can empower you to do that.

Alteryx provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to blend, cleanse and prepare data in a fraction of the time – with no code required. Qlik streamlines data prep so you can easily combine data sources (no matter how large or complex) into a single view. TimeXtender automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks and provides full security and traceability of your data.

Before Qlik, we were at a point where we would have potentially ignored new data streams new data sources, whereas now we actively find them. As soon as we find out there’s a new potential data stream or data source we just get it because it’s easy.
Business Intelligence Manager at Nexus
We’re saving an enormous amount of time. This has enabled Nifco UK to pull everything into one format that’s really uncomplicated, easily understood and easy to manipulate. It gives people the information that they need to run the business. From my point of view as IT manager, it frees up my department’s time to look at more value added projects.
Business Intelligence Manager at Nexus
We have massive datasets but [Alteryx] is taking out all of the stuff we don’t need, to feed those reports back to our senior leadership team. Or aggregating data to feed dashboards for our supply chain team. It’s saved us a lot of time and effort internally.
General Manager of IT at Formica
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Perfect Image was first approached by Nexus in 2010 to provide a robust BI solution. Their previous solution was clunky, time-consuming, laborious and difficult to use. Find out what Perfect Image did to help Nexus.
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