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What Do You Want to Achieve?

Achieve faster time to insight with effortless data management

Traditionally data management tools can take a frustratingly long time organise, catalogue and prepare your data. Trying to do this yourself manually can take even longer. You don’t have on-demand access to data which holds your analysis back. You need answers as soon as you ask the question. Some businesses rely on a team of experts for data management; however, this can be restrictive and a bottleneck to analysis. It is a high risk to place such a huge reliance on people rather than systems because if those uniquely-skilled analysts leave your business – so too do their skillsets.

What is Data Management and How Can You Benefit?

Data Management tools blend data from multiple sources, cleanse and enrich it, for a reliable format that can be outputted to data visualisation tools. This is vital to discovering the huge amounts of vital insights locked within business systems. When your business users are empowered with on-demand access to one source of accurate, prepared data, you accelerate speed to insight and get answers, fast.

With the right data management tool, you can reduce data preparation costs, achieve a faster turnaround of data delivery requests, and complete more analytics projects in less time. Perfect Image is the data and analytics expert you need to help you get started with the right data management solution for you.

We’re able to extract data certainly more quickly and more efficiently. It’s been a good opportunity for us to ensure that we’ve got the data in one place and now we’re able to question anybody really. If they don’t get their data from Qlik then it’s not the real version.
Alex Finkel, Business Intelligence Manager, Nexus
We have an absolutely massive amount of applications and range of products. You start to see how we have problems with data, and why we need tools and intelligence to help us to know what to do with it and make sense of it.
General Manager of IT at Formica
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Insight - Case studyInsights
Perfect Image was first approached by Nexus in 2010 to provide a robust BI solution. Their previous solution was clunky, time-consuming, laborious and difficult to use. Find out what Perfect Image did to help Nexus.
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What Solution Do You Need?

Data Management tools blend data from multiple sources, cleanse and enrich it, for a reliable format that can be outputted to data visualisation tools. This is vital to discovering the huge amounts of vital insights locked within business systems.

Alteryx, a powerful data blending and data preparation tool, uses an R engine with preformed tools and a drag-and-drop interface to accomplish tasks that previously would have taken a fully trained data scientist hours of time. It provides easy data management that extracts, transforms and loads data from any source. Alteryx is a powerful mix of data science and artificial intelligence that provides effortless, sophisticated advanced analytics such as predictive, statistical and spatial. Self-service functionality and supportive assistance make building invaluable AI models much more efficient.

Qlik offers a modern, self-service enterprise data management solution called Qlik Data Catalyst that lets you find insights faster with on-demand access to a prepared repository of your data. Your data is integrated into Qlik for a collection of reliable, fully documented data whether that is from cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid sources. With data validation, profiling and quality measures, you can be sure that your data is fully reliable and accurate. Whoever in your business consumes and analyses data can do so faster than ever before – in minutes, not months.

A leading self-service data prep tool with many easy-to-use advanced analytics features built in.
Discover Alteryx
Qlik offers powerful data preparation, management and visualisation that transforms data into insights - fast.
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