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Empower staff for smart data discovery with Augmented Intelligence.

Imagine if your staff no longer had to complete tasks that take hours of their time. Instead of the frustration they feel at having their time taken by tasks that add little value, they are empowered to far more than was ever possible before, in much less time. Dealing with data and combing it for insights takes a lot of manual work and it doesn’t reveal the deeper, more valuable findings that other methods of data analytics offers. That is what Augmented Intelligence can offer.

What is Augmented Intelligence and How Can You Benefit?

AI in Business Intelligence simply means training a machine to complete time-consuming tasks, saving your organisation vast amounts of misused time. Your focus is shifted from time-consuming tasks to completing the important work such as analysis or decision making. Let us help you to get started with the next generation of Business Intelligence.

Augmented intelligence is an exciting tool that uses machine intelligence to amplify human experience. This leads to deeper analysis and finding brand new insights. It is the best of both worlds – the logic of machines with the intuition of humans to solve problems neither could solve alone.

Qlik Sense uses augmented analytics that drives data literacy and empowers users of all skillsets. You can visualise information using natural language search to quickly find the answers you need. Explore the complex statistics of advanced analytics using effortless visualisations and the Insight Advisor tool to identify key information in datasets. Qlik uses an associative engine to process data so you can interact with data in a natural, visual way, saving you hours of time.

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