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What Do You Want to Achieve?

Before taking the first step towards a powerful solution that will add value with easy-to-use data analytics, many organisations begin by using Microsoft Excel. While Excel is a great tool, even start-ups will struggle to really explore data and find any meaningful results. It is far too time consuming, frustrating, and doesn’t provide the in-depth answers needed to propel a business forward. What you need is a dedicated analytics tool that will turn numbers into actionable insight.

A powerful data analytics solution helps to keep you profitable, proactive, and ahead of the competition. Depending on what solution you need, you could achieve stunning data exploration, effortless data prep, data warehouse automation, cost-effective data visualisations. We also offer a tailored blend of more than one, such as Qlik & Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI & Alteryx. Take a look at the solutions you can choose from and the leading tools we offer.

Without sounding too gushing, the potential of the system for what we can use it for is almost is unlimited. We can do as much with it as we would like, and we are capable of doing it.
Analytics Manager, Middlesbrough Council
This alone will save us a lot of time! We don’t spend a day doing all of this processing in Excel and Access. We can use Alteryx to do it in matter of minutes.
Analytics Manager, Middlesbrough Council
Perfect Image really supported us throughout the sales journey. They took the time to understand our business and what we wanted to get out of it, and they put together a solution that met our requirements.
Director of Research Operations at Acritas
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Middlesbrough Council
Middlesbrough Council worked with Perfect Image to adopt a tailored analytics solution, a combination of Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI. They can now better understand and react to the needs of their local residents and provide a more proactive service.
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What Do You Want to Achieve?

You may have something in mind you’d like to achieve. Learn more about how you can remedy existing issues and fulfil business goals with the data analytics solution your organisation requires. Take a look at what we can help you to achieve:

Data Preparation
Blend, cleanse and prepare your data.
Learn About Data Preparation
Data Visualisation
Explore data using powerful, easy-to-use visualisations.
Learn About Data Visualisation
Advanced Analytics
The next level of analytics - stay ahead of the competition.
Learn About Advanced Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Uncover incredible insights and become proactive.
Learn About Predictive Analytics
Geospatial Analytics
Gain powerful location-based insights.
Learn About Geospatial Analytics
Data Management
De-risk analysis with effortless data preparation.
Learn About Data Management
Machine Learning
Unlock insights and accelerate digital transformation.
Learn About Machine Learning
Augmented Intelligence
Empower staff with faster, easier data discovery.
Learn About Augmented Intelligence
Data Warehouse Automation
Automate the way you access, model, and govern data.
Learn About Data Warehouse Automation

Our Range of Data Analytics Solutions

Take a look at the solutions we offer, each meeting a different need or requirement. We will tailor it to your exact needs and ensure it complements your organisation’s way of working. You may have a product in mind or want to find out more about a certain tool. These are the industry-leading tools we can offer you:

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