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You need the right technology solutions to properly leverage data and empower your people, and Perfect Image has the experience to help you to do that. We will work with you to identify and develop the right solutions for your organisation. Starting with the issues you’re currently experiencing, let’s find the best way of meeting your needs and fulfilling your business goals. We can implement, tailor and support your solutions long-term, to ensure your investment continues to prove its worth.

Combine the logic of machines with the intuition of humans to discover deeper insights

Explore the complex statistics of advanced analytics using effortless, visual data exploration for better decision making

Shift efforts from time-consuming tasks to value-add work and drastically increase efficiency

AI in Business Intelligence simply means training a machine to complete time-consuming tasks, saving your organisation vast amounts of misused time. It completes the grunt work so your staff don’t have to, and assists you with decision making using statistics and probability. Your focus is shifted from time-consuming tasks to completing the important work such as analysis or decision making. Let us help you to get started with the next generation of Business Intelligence.

How could you benefit from BI powered by AI?

Talk to us today to discuss how you can effortlessly implement AI to drastically increase efficiency and save you hours of time with the right.

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Augmented intelligence: Empower staff for smart data discovery

Augmented intelligence is an exciting tool that uses machine intelligence to amplify human experience. This leads to deeper analysis and finding brand new insights. It is the best of both worlds – the logic of machines with the intuition of humans to solve problems neither could solve alone.

Qlik Sense uses augmented analytics that drives data literacy and empowers users of all skillsets. You can visualise information using natural language search to quickly find the answers you need. Explore the complex statistics of advanced analytics using effortless visualisations and the Insight Advisor tool to identify key information in datasets. Qlik uses an associative engine to process data so you can interact with data in a natural, visual way, saving you hours of time.

Data Management: De-risk analysis with effortless data preparation

Relying on a team of AI experts can be restrictive and a bottleneck to analysis. It is also high risk to place such a huge reliance on people rather than systems because if those uniquely-skilled analysts leave your business – so too do their skillsets. Data Management tools blend data from multiple sources, cleanse and enrich it, for a reliable format that can be outputted to data visualisation tools. This is vital to discovering the huge amounts of vital insights locked within business systems.

Alteryx, a powerful data blending and data preparation tool, uses an R engine with preformed tools and a drag-and-drop interface to accomplish tasks that previously would have taken a fully-trained data scientist hours of time. It provides easy data management that extracts, transforms and loads data from any source. Alteryx is a powerful mix of data science and artificial intelligence that provides effortless, sophisticated advanced analytics such as predictive, statistical and spatial. Self-service functionality and supportive assistance makes building invaluable AI models much more efficient.

Machine learning: Unlock insights and accelerate digital transformation

Whereas Artificial Intelligence is feeding a computer or system the information needed to complete a particular task, Machine Learning is a subset of AI that takes things a step further. It is able to understand context around this information to continually learn using a trial and error method. It means the system can learn for itself using a feedback loop to understand the accuracy of its decisions to steer how it approaches similar situations in the future.

Microsoft Power BI uses Artificial Intelligence powered data analytics to enable deeper analysis and inform decisions. Microsoft wants to empower organisations with machine learning capabilities to unlock insights and accelerate digital transformation. Engage your customers, optimise operations, strengthen sales forecasting, and better predict the future of your organisation – all with accessible, inbuilt machine learning provided with interactive data visualisations.