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Are you currently using QlikView, and you're considering adopting Qlik Sense? Qlik has released a compelling new dual-use licensing offer for its QlikView users, known as the Qlik Analytics Modernisation Program, to provide a cost-effective option so you can also benefit from Qlik Sense.

Adopting dual use licensing provides you with an easy way of leveraging Qlik Sense throughout your business. You’re rewarded with the flexibility and exciting possibilities of vastly extending functionality and access to powerful explorative analytics.

Choose a powerful combination of Qlik and Perfect Image and allow your analysts to work on tasks that add value and uncover the story behind their data.

Why use the Qlik Analytics Modernisation Program?

We know that many customers see significant value in jointly using both QlikView and Qlik Sense using the Qlik Analytics Modernisation Program.

QlikView is a guided analytics platform that empowers intuitive visual discovery and launched the modern analytics era.

Qlik Sense is a next generation analytics platform with augmented intelligence and a governed multi-cloud architecture, it supports the full range of analytics use cases at enterprise scale.


When you use both platforms together, you drastically increase the number of complex business use cases that you can fulfil. This powerful combination will help to drive insights in your business.

The Qlik Analytics Modernisation Program allows you to adopt a modern analytics platform with less hassle, whilst leveraging the full potential your current investment. Because both products run on the unique Associative Engine, you can easily reuse existing assets such as data models and analytics expressions.

You can elect to uplift your current QlikView maintenance spend, choose subscription or perpetual licensing, and receive equivalent access to Qlik Sense Enterprise for the same users who are entitled to use QlikView.

Qlik continually makes significant investments to improve collaboration between the two products, including more seamless product integration, single user identity and common licence management, unified points of access for users, and conversion toolkits and services.

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Benefits of adding Qlik Sense to your analytics estate include:

  • A modern UI
  • Faster development
  • Ease of use
  • Explorative, self-service analytics
  • Augmented intelligence
  • Best in class mobile support
  • Advanced authoring features
  • More sophisticated application functionality for guided analytics apps
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QlikView and Qlik Sense are better together. The dual use offer makes it simple and cost-effective to add Qlik Sense to your environment.

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Version Upgrades

While you can take advantage of dual use licensing no matter what version of QlikView you use or when you initially purchased it, we strongly recommend upgrading to April 2019 or later. You can do this by yourself, or we can help you to upgrade. By upgrading you can utilise functional updates; the newer Professional, Analyzer, and Capacity licensing models; and unified licensing. Unified licensing aligns licensing of QlikView and Qlik Sense, with access to both products using a single key to simplify usage and ensure a smooth experience.


With just a modest uplift on your annual QlikView maintenance cost, you can take advantage of dual-use licensing. Depending on the licensing you already use this will be only be around 30-40%. This is a vastly reduced cost than separately purchasing licences. Plus, you benefit from the extended functionality of Qlik Sense and value-add products such as Qlik GeoAnalytics Base, Qlik DataMarket Essentials, and Qlik Web Connectors.

Our Services

Qlik is on a mission to create a data-literate world, where everyone can use data to solve their most challenging problems. We’re an experienced Qlik Elite Partner who will provide the analytics and IT services you need to get the most out of your investment now and long-term. Find out how we can help you:

Qlik Consultancy
Let us help you with how best to take advantage of dual use licensing, including what exact licences are required for each member of your team to achieve maximum cost effectiveness. We can optimise your licensing mix by advising you on the appropriate licences based on your unique needs.
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Migration Services
We will ensure your QlikView and Qlik Sense environments are architected properly from the ground up. We will install the platforms and configure them to your exact business needs. We can revamp or redesign your applications to optimise performance.
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Training & Enablement
Once you're set up with your new QlikView and Qlik Sense solution, we can work with your team to train them with the new system and even to refresh their knowledge of QlikView. It can be helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes review what you do to make sure there aren't better or more efficient methods.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the QlikView and Qlik Sense Dual Use licensing offer?

The Dual Use licensing offer enables existing QlikView customers to more seamlessly and cost effectively adopt Qlik Sense, while maintaining their QlikView footprint. You can elect to uplift your current QlikView maintenance spend and receive equivalent access to Qlik Sense for the same users who are entitled to use QlikView.

What are the Dual Use licensing options?

The Dual Use offer is available in both perpetual and subscription license types.

• Perpetual: Adds 30 percent to your current annual QlikView maintenance. Each Named User CAL user will receive a Qlik Sense Professional license key and each QlikView Document CAL user will receive a Qlik Sense Analyzer license key. A unified license (see #6 below) is available as an option if you’re using the April 2019 release or later.

• Subscription: Increases your total annual QlikView maintenance cost by 40% for a 3-year term. Subscription licensing also opens-up the capacity-based pricing option – license type Analyzer Capacity (see #5 below).

The Dual Use offer is only available to customers current on maintenance. It converts your entire QlikView estate/site to Dual Use, entitling you to both QlikView and Qlik Sense going forward. Please contact your account manager for Dual Use conversion options on other license types.

Why is Qlik offering Dual Use licensing?

We want to help you maximize your investment in Qlik products. By providing you, as a current QlikView customer, with access to our modern analytics platform, you can leverage added value, expanded analytics use cases, and more control over your use of Qlik technology.

What do I get when I adopt Dual Use licensing?

Qlik will provide equivalent use for Qlik Sense based on your existing CAL profile. You’ll gain access to the complete Qlik Sense package, including Qlik DataMarket Essentials, Qlik Web Connectors, and Qlik GeoAnalytics Base. You will receive new Qlik Sense license keys based on entitlement. If you are upgrading to or using April 2019 releases (or later), you can adopt unified licensing, and standardize on our new Professional/Analyzer/Capacity license model.

What is an Analyzer Capacity license?

A license type providing the same functionality as a typical perpetual Analyzer license, but on a user consumption basis. Each Analyzer Capacity pack is comprised of 1,000 minutes per month.

What is unified licensing?

The alignment of QlikView and Qlik Sense licensing under a one user, one license, one analytics experience strategy, simplifying licensing and management of entitlement and providing a single key to access more than one Qlik product. Unified licensing is enabled through the Qlik Licensing Service (QLS) and helps ensure compliance. For QlikView customers, the path to unified licensing is through Dual Use licensing. For unified licensing, you must utilize April 2019 releases or later and the Professional/Analyzer/Capacity license model.

What happens to my Session and Usage CALs?

You have a couple of choices:

1) Convert Session and Usage CALs to Named User and Document CALs and exercise the Dual Use licensing option to gain access to Qlik Sense.

  • 1 Session CAL = 11 Named User CALs
  • 1 Extranet Session CAL = 8 Document CALs
  • 3 Usage CALs can be converted to 1 Document CAL

2) Convert to subscription, upgrade to/utilize QlikView April 2019 release or later and adopt the Analyzer Capacity license type and unified licensing (available via QLS).

What happens to any license remix rights when I take advantage of the Dual Use offer?

When you exercise the dual use offer, you forfeit QlikView to Qlik Sense remix rights.

How does pricing work?

Dual Use licensing cost is based on an uplift on the current total annual QlikView maintenance fee, which then becomes your annual recurring maintenance. Your maintenance uplift will be co-termed to your existing maintenance period and you will be contractually obligated to pay a 12-month term. Under subscription, the minimum contractual period is 3-years.

Can I convert just a portion of my QlikView licenses to dual use?

The offer must be applied to all QlikView licenses under a single maintenance agreement. The maintenance uplift applies to the entire QlikView estate. There is no partial application of the Dual Use licensing offer and all Session or Usage CALs must be converted to Named User or Document CALs or Analyzer Capacity licenses.

Can I still purchase separate licenses of QlikView and Qlik Sense?

Once you’ve taken advantage of the Dual Use licensing offer, you may not purchase additional QlikView licenses; however, you may purchase Qlik Sense licenses separately.

What services are available to help with our Qlik Sense implementation?

Supporting co-existence of the two products and successful adoption of Qlik Sense, Qlik has developed special customer success offerings in the form of services. These include education, training and support; co-existence assessment services; co-existence architecture services; and conversion assistance/development services. For more information, visit the Services area of our website and review our Dual Use Services datasheet.

For which versions of QlikView and Qlik Sense are the Dual Use offer valid?

You may utilize whichever QlikView version you’re currently using; however, we highly recommend upgrading to the April 2019 release or later to leverage new licensing options and functional cohesion.

Who can take advantage of this offer?

This offer is available to QlikView customers who are current on maintenance.

Is there an end date to dual use?

There is no current planned end date; however, the offer may be withdrawn at Qlik’s discretion.

What is the future of QlikView?

Qlik will continue to support current QlikView customers into the future with frequent product updates and tighter co-existence with Qlik Sense.

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If you’d like to know more about pricing, terms and conditions, or how to take advantage of this fantastic offer, please get in touch with us today.

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