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Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP) expands the potential of the analytics solutions and visualisations you can create and integrate with the ability to embed them anywhere to deliver greater value to business users. For application and web developers, there is no better platform to build custom solutions using high performance APIs.

What are the benefits of Qlik Analytic Platform (QAP)?

Custom visual analytics can be created to meet your exact business needs

Embed creations from Qlik Sense online in a secure, governed way into public or private customer websites

Visual analytics can be integrated into workflows and business process applications, partner portals

With QAP, developers can easily embed Qlik’s unrivalled analytical power directly into your organisation’s applications. This can be anything from simple to complex web mashups, IoT platforms, containerisation devices, CRM or ERP solutions, or on-device applications. QAP offers the same huge range of APIs that are available to Qlik Sense in order to build mashups or websites that have visualisations integrated directly onto them. Give your employees all of your organisation’s information at their fingertips within a governed, controlled environment as they use vital business applications.

Easily build and maintain solutions using Qlik’s unique Associative engine, which allows you to understand the whole story behind your data. A wide range of visual and interactive ways of exploring your data means you can uncover hidden insights and design a truly tailored solution. If you want a platform with stunning self-service visualisations out of the box, and also the components you need to build anything you want – QAP is the answer.

Qlik Analytics Platform is powerful, unique, and different to anything else on the market. Extend Qlik’s value to any application and integrate the whole range of your organisation’s information from cloud and on-premise sources. Make your data meaningful and discover the insights you need for successful decision making.

Frequently asked questions about QAP

What is the difference between Qlik Sense and QAP?

The fundamental difference between Qlik Sense and QAP is that dashboards loaded into QAP can be accessed directly using an internet browser, or embedded into websites. This enables you to deliver reports and dashboards to customers and partners using their extranet or sites to improve collaborative working and develop their BI strategy. Being able to embed stunning data visualisations straight into solutions gives you the competitive edge. Visualisations can be shared with external customers who don’t have licences as part of the core licensing model.

Qlik QAP Licensing

There are Qlik Sense Enterprise (token based) and QAP (core based) licences. QAP licences can serve a large number of users who may use the applications periodically to access and consume the content. It can be particularly beneficial for those who want to publish data externally for their customers in an easily accessible and visually appealing way.

Why Choose Perfect Image?

Perfect Image is the Qlik Elite Partner you need to implement a best-fit QAP solution that will add value to your organisation. We’re certified Qlik experts with the knowledge and experience to assist you with your BI needs, whether that is with optimised licencing, Qlik Analytics Platform architecture, tailored training, adopting the right data analytics solution, managed services and support, or optimising your current BI estate. As Amazon Web Services consulting partners and Microsoft Gold Partners we can also help you with hosting your BI solution securely on the cloud, on-premise, or as part of a hybrid solution.


A local council needed to improve their transparency and openness with local residents, so they implemented a customer-facing website to display their intuitive and easy-to-understand dashboards and reports using QAP.

Insight - Case studyInsights
Calderdale Council
Calderdale Council moved from QlikView to Qlik Sense and their monthly reporting time was reduced from 65 hours a week to just 12, and the cost of producing these reports reduced from £15,600 down to just £2,800! Qlik has simplified data processing from hours into a just few clicks.
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