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Microsoft Power BI

If you’re a software company or independent app developer and you want to take your apps up to the next level using analytics, Power BI Embedded is perfect for you.

Power BI Embedded is a powerful, cost-effective offering that enables you to create, develop and deploy data visualisations directly into apps. It simplifies the whole process for embedding beautiful reports, tiles and dashboards into custom apps. Delight customers with fully interactive and natively integrated visualisations that bring their data to life.

Satisfy your customers and encourage repeat business with fast and effective visualisations that deliver real value

Take advantage of Azure’s cloud capabilities to flexibly scale resources and capacity up and down.

Easily and quickly deploy, publish and embed visualisations to a huge variety of different sources

Utilise the full power of embedding the same intuitive Microsoft Power BI experience on any device. Easily publish to websites, blogs, apps or anything else that could benefit from advantageous data analytics. Take advantage of a smoothly augmented, easy-to-use analytical customer-facing experience.

Flexible customisations

With Power BI Embedded, you can design a mobile or custom layout, and connect extensions to embed created content in a way that looks native to the application. Even better is that your customers don’t have to own Power BI or even know what it is to benefit from the visualisations delivered into the apps you create for them.

Controlled access and tight security

Power BI Embedded puts you in control. You can restrict access to content and limit who can use the data using authentication keys and tokens. You can customise the usage of each embedded report to the relevant people, using a secure platform you can rely on.

Harness the power of the cloud

You can take advantage of Azure’s cloud powered resources and capacity to scale up and down easily. Developers work with the familiar Microsoft platform, but in an extensible cloud environment for the computing power and storage you need.



Why Perfect Image?

Perfect Image is a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 25 years of experience with delivering intelligent end-to-end IT solutions. Our dedicated teams of experts have the experience with not only Business Intelligence platforms, but Microsoft products, to deliver a fully rounded solution that begins adding value quickly. We work with you to use the variety of tools and products we have at hand to help you meet your business objectives now and long-term. Whether you want to work in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid, we can help you with your hosting requirements to lower operational costs.

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