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Transport organisations are under pressure from the market, legislation and financing to improve services and customer satisfaction in a cost-effective way. There is a huge raft of big data in the transportation industry that needs to be fully utilised, from a variety of routes, geographical locations, companies and activities. To do this, Business Intelligence is a necessity.

With the right transportation analytics solution, you can effortlessly bring together all your data sources to cleanse, prepare and enrich with third party data. Then you can interrogate intuitive visualisations for a clear understanding of what is needed to progress. We can help your organisation whether you are sea or surface transport (road or rail), private or public transport, airline, taxi firm, travel agency, or car rental agency. Improve profitability through the analysis of customers, surveys, suppliers and logistics. Use a powerful BI solution and discover the “why” behind your data.

Allow every employee the tools required to access complex data sources and to unlock vital information with self-service BI tools.

Analyse customer feedback and external research to achieve excellent customer satisfaction and make confident decisions

Explore and interrogate routes, staff and customers to strategically plan optimisations and enhancements

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If you want to find out how you could boost sales and maximise profit margins using intelligent data analytics, get in touch with us today.

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What can BI help you to achieve?

Easily obtain data from all your systems through simple blending and ETL processes. With a whole, rich view of your data from every source and system, gain a better understanding of exactly what you need to make informed and successful management decisions. Free up IT resources from time-consuming simple tasks with self-service BI tools that empower staff to explore data in a secure, governed way.

Boost performance internally

Internally, you can drive better performance across HR, Finance, and Operations by monitoring KPIs and qualitative indicators to discover how to increase productivity. Instead of restrictive month-end reporting, you can increase transparency for stakeholders with fast, interactive dashboards that can be created at a moment’s notice.

Improve services and boost profitability

Routes can be changed and adapted to vital factors such as daily revenue and cost per mile travelled, performance of routes by day, driver, or on-time rates. Effortlessly understand complicated ticket sales data as interactive visualisation that inform management decisions. From this you can optimise resources, discover efficiencies, and manage your workforce. With easy-to-use and clear to understand dashboards, end users can simplify operations and boost the value of investments.

Advanced analytics for Transport

This effortless functionality can transform your whole organisation. Predictive analytics for transportation keep you one step ahead and you can track key targets such as cost per journey and customer satisfaction based on day, time, location, weather or demographic. See trends and predict fares, income and expenditure. With spatial analytics you can visualise geographical and fleet data, and proactively allocate resources and improve performance.

Why choose Perfect Image?

Your organisation needs to partner with a BI solutions provider that has the expertise and knowledge to transform how you interact with data. We have worked with numerous transport providers to make the most of their data and find the best ways of meeting customer demand while reducing costs. We’re a Qlik Elite Partner, Alteryx Premier Partner, and Microsoft Gold Partner with over 25 years of experience in delivering value-add IT solutions that make a real difference. Your success is our priority and we work with you and your teams to ensure the ideal solution is tailored to your needs.


Discover how we helped a regional public transport provider reduce the time to actionable insights into passengers and how they use public transport, from days to minutes. With Qlik, they are now able to identify trends and customer behaviour and enhance travel routes and stations.

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Perfect Image was first approached by Nexus in 2010 to provide a robust BI solution. Their previous solution was clunky, time-consuming, laborious and difficult to use. Find out what Perfect Image did to help Nexus.
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