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Data & Analytics

In today’s competitive industry there is a goldmine of data in retail that can be utilised to gain the competitive edge – if you have the right tools. However many organisations can't unlock the insights they need to utilise this data fully. Often, they still rely on Excel for reporting which doesn’t allow for effortless interrogation of information to support management decisions.

Using smart analytics systems, such as Qlik, Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI, you can effortlessly blend, prepare, cleanse and enrich the masses of data your retail organisation gathers and – in a fraction of the time – automatically output it into an intuitive data visualisation tool. Free up internal IT resources for higher value work with self-service BI analytics. Reveal key insights into shopping trends and customer behaviour with smart, intuitive consumer analytics. Retailers using analytics are becoming more agile, profitable, and successful – and your organisation could too.

Analyse in-store and online retail data together to improve customers’ omni-channel shopping experience.

Increase customer spending with real-time analytics that enable customised promotions at exactly the right time.

Optimise and enhance your customers’ shopping experience to boost customer satisfaction and sales.

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If you want to find out how you could boost sales and maximise profit margins using intelligent data analytics, get in touch with us today.

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To make the most of marketing data you can utilise data from a range of sources such as CRM, website traffic and social media. Your data can provide you with a full, data-rich view of customers that enables you to market more successfully. Using top-tier data analysis, stores can target the best people, at the best time.


With store operations analytics, you can discover ways of boosting sales and maximising profit margins. Reveal key buying habits with intelligent behaviour analytics and identify your most profitable customers to target. Use sales analysis tools to improve personalisation of sales techniques and product recommendations. You can ask questions of your data to learn how to target the right people and sell more.

Advanced analytics in retail

Find out what lies in store for the future of your organisation and its customers with easy-to-use advanced analytics. Predictive analytics anticipates customers’ needs and interests so your sales efforts can achieve higher engagement rates. More easily understand your retail location data with intelligent spatial analytics. You can benefit from pricing analytics in retail and AI (Artificial Intelligence) – the future of retail analytics – to proactively optimise pricing and maximise profit.


J Barbour & Sons, a UK-based high fashion clothing manufacturer and retailer, implemented Qlik to unlock the business value of big data in their ERP system. It improved stock management and profitability of each location and supported faster decision making during their business expansion.

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J. Barbour & Sons
Barbour offers its high-fashion products online and through retail shops in Europe, the United States, and Asia. J. Barbour & Sons, which employs over 700 people, based in the UK, with offices in the United States and Germany.
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