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Data & Analytics

The growing amount of big data in manufacturing means more data than ever before is trapped in disparate systems and sources, unable to answer business critical questions about production, performance and productivity.

Bringing all of that data together and being able to quickly understand it can be difficult without industry leading Business Intelligence tools. With manufacturing business analytics you can blend, prepare, cleanse and enrich data – in just a fraction of the time. Intelligent data visualisation tools like Qlik or Microsoft Power BI, transform complicated and difficult information into clear, interactive visualisations that bring data to life.

Easily interrogate vital information to improve lead times, cost-effectiveness and production quality

Discover new and innovative ways to increase productivity and maximise profit margins

Gain visibility into the entire supply chain and enhance operations

What can BI help you to achieve?

For any manufacturer from chemical, automotive, mill products, industrial, or aerospace, manufacturing intelligence solutions more rapidly grant you access to deeper insights so your organisation can be more proactive and flexible. You need a Business Intelligence solution that will ensure all areas of the business are working from one reliable, accurate version of all of your data to boost the success rates of management decisions.

Business analytics will help you to optimise your pricing strategy and streamline fulfilment processes. Improve quality control and factory-wide efficiency, and decrease waste by effortlessly analysing its sources such as overproduction, idle time, inventory and logistics.

How could you take advantage of a Business Intelligence system?

Questions about how your manufacturing organisation could benefit from data analytics? Get in touch with us today for a no obligation discussion with one of our friendly BI experts.

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Use self-service analytics to improve efficiency

IT departments can often become bottlenecks because blending and preparing data and dealing with simple requests can take up too much of their valuable time. Put the power of business analytics back into the hands of your whole organisation – not just one team with self-service manufacturing analytics. Your IT team can begin focusing on analysing data instead of preparing it. End users can become self-sufficient and find answers when they need them most.

Advanced analytics in manufacturing

Predictive analytics in the manufacturing sector is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity in today’s competitive industry. With it, you can improve manufacturing quality and predict your factory’s needs, efficiency and improvements required. Gain greater visibility of the supply chain and transparency of operations and logistics. With an advanced analytics software solution such as Alteryx you can also utilise spatial analytics for location- and site-based analysis, and prescriptive analytics to use simulation capabilities to more easily make decisions.

Why choose Perfect Image?

Perfect Image has worked extensively with manufacturing companies, architecting, tailored and delivering BI solutions for the industry. We’re a Qlik Elite Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and Alteryx Premium Partner, and our Business Intelligence consultants are also individually certified specialists. We strive to deliver solutions on time, in full, and to budget. We utilise a range of the best Business Intelligence products such as Qlik, MS Power BI, Alteryx and TimeXtender to create exactly the solution your manufacturing organisation requires to succeed.


Nifco, a worldwide automotive manufacturer, used advanced analytics and “what if” scenarios to test whether future factories have enough space for machines using simulations and trial-and-error possibility testing. To begin with, only their finance department used Qlik – now every area of the business benefits from their flexible cloud based business intelligence solution.

Insight - Case study
By adopting a tailored Qlik solution, Nifco UK was able to have one source of the truth for business-critical information, they could perform "what if" predictive analysis for their factories, and much more. They recently also submitted their Qlik apps for a global award.
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