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Data & Analytics

Utilising Business Intelligence in Higher Education (HE) organisations is the norm in today’s competitive industry. To position yourself ahead of other institutes, you need industry-leading BI analytics that enables you to discover deeper insights, quickly make data-driven management decisions, and become a more proactive organisation.

Boost enrolment and post-graduation advocacy rates by finding ways of meeting student demand

Make smarter management decisions by better utilising all the data you have access to

Empower busy staff with easy to understand data visualisations to improve teaching quality and student retention

What can you achieve with high-powered BI in higher education

Discover deeper insights and quickly make data-driven management decisions

Data science in higher education enables you to better analyse students and market demand. This information can be used to support your strategic aims, like attracting and retaining the best students. Gain actionable insights into retention and graduation rates, organised by demographics such as subject, degree level, class level, gender, ethnicity and university. Adopt a Business Intelligence system that will bring your data to life.

Optimised student experience

Alongside a cohesive view of every touchpoint with students, you obtain a whole view of their needs and how to meet them. Optimise the student experience and increase satisfaction rates by meeting and exceeding demand at every stage of the engagement lifecycle. Use all of the information you have about students to improve performance rates and boost organisational effectiveness.

How does HE use data analytics?

Effortlessly utilise learning analytics in Higher Education with Qlik or Microsoft Power BI to quickly analyse learning and reveal trends. Understand the best ways of optimising learning and teaching for the benefit of students.

Big data in the education sector is growing, and with a powerful business analytics solution like Alteryx you can effortlessly blend, cleanse and prep this data from any source or IT system.

Take advantage of Alteryx and Qlik’s advanced analytics such as predictive analytics to become more proactive, and spatial analytics for location-based information about different sites or competing institutes.

Improve marketing success

Marketing departments must ensure their campaigns are accurate, cost-effective and can demonstrate true ROI. This gives a greater understanding of university enrolment processes and enables organisations to maximise their student recruitment marketing activities. Perfect Image works with industry-leading data analytics tools such as Qlik Sense, QlikView, Alteryx, and Microsoft Power BI for education in order to build applications focused on student enrolment and engagement processes.

Why choose Perfect Image?

We’ve helped many Higher Education organisations just like yours in our 25+ years of delivering end-to-end IT solutions. We’re a Qlik Elite Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, and Alteryx Premium Partner so no matter what technology will be a best-fit solution for your business, we’re here to help. We work alongside you and your internal teams to discover any issues and to help you meet your business goals. We understand your industry and we can strategically align with your goals and find ways of using the best BI technology available to help you succeed.

Want to boost enrolment and retention rates?

We’ve helped to deliver many solutions that drive change and really add value for Higher Education organisations just like yours. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you to become more data-driven and innovative.

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