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Data & Analytics

As certified Healthcare industry experts, we understand that organisations have struggled for years with shrinking budgets, rising demand – and a huge amount of data to harness.

It can be incredibly time-consuming to extract and blend data, and only gain basic insight. However, with the right Business Intelligence solution, data can be extremely valuable and provide actionable insight into your patients, staff, financials, productivity, and even your organisation’s future.

Utilise historical and real-time analytics in healthcare for accurate and data-driven decision making to become more proactive

Effortlessly blend and prepare disparate sources and integrate your existing systems to gain the full power of your data

Become a forward-thinking organisation and stop relying on gut instinct to progress

Advanced analytics for Healthcare

Business Intelligence and healthcare are both becoming more sophisticated with their technology. Easy-to-use advanced analytics can really drive organisational change. Healthcare BI tools such as spatial analytics and geomapping deals with all location- and site-based queries. With an in-depth understanding of patient-level costing and service line reporting with just a few clicks, you can boost your organisations cost-effectiveness to lessen the focus on budget and promote patient-led care.

Advanced analytics

Predictive analytics enables you to discover completely new information that you have never been able to use before. Recognise trends and forecast issues to reduce readmission rates and enhance efficiency. Utilise intelligent “what if” scenarios to identify risks and test the safety of future decisions. Boost internal performance with easy to understand performance reporting based on site, department or individual to improve the quality of patient care. Patients’ highly sensitive data is accessed in a secure, compliant and governed environment.

Drastically improve patient care

The benefits of business intelligence in healthcare most importantly affect your patients. Allow your healthcare professionals at-a-glance reports and dynamic, interactive visualisations to improve patient care in a data-informed way. Ensure your Business Intelligence tools are intelligent enough to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of data and identify erroneous entries. Empower your staff to access vital real-time data and enable them to make informed decisions. Mobile solutions mean that your staff have full visibility even on-the-go.

Questions about Healthcare?

Do you have any questions about data analytics for healthcare? We can help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options and what impact Healthcare BI solutions could have on your organisation.

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Why choose Perfect Image?

Perfect Image are experts in the delivery of Business Intelligence in the Healthcare industry. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner, Qlik Elite Partner and Alteryx Premier Partner with 25+ years of experience in delivering end-to-end solutions. We are also certified Qlik Healthcare specialists for 2017/18. We deliver rapid return on investment for your solution and we can provide long-term support and guidance. If you need training, migration, optimisation, hosting or support services, we’re here to help.


What can I do now?

Discover how Bromley Healthcare implemented Qlik and grew by 22% in just six years. Qlik allows them to be more proactive, to utilise advanced analytics to plan for the future in a data-driven way, and their information team is 20% more productive.

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Bromley Healthcare
Bromley Healthcare had a lot of information they weren't using to its full potential. With Perfect Image's help, they adopted Alteryx and Qlik Sense and became 20% more efficient, and have achieved a 98% customer satisfaction score.
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