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Data & Analytics

You may have access to huge amounts of data, trapped in disparate sources and systems. It can feel as though most of your time is spent blending, preparing and cleansing data, instead of analysing it for actionable trends and predictive insights.

Interested in learning how to become adept at Alteryx and a pro at data analytics? Perfect Image’s team of dedicated Business Intelligence experts are here to provide training that helps you unlock Alteryx’s potential for your business. By empowering your analysts with self-service data analytics skills, you can answer critical business questions exactly when you need to, and take advantage of business opportunities.

What Can You Get From Our Alteryx Training Services?

Whether you are completely new or a long-term user of Alteryx, our training sessions are tailored to the needs and current skillsets of staff. Our training and workshop sessions will upskill your team and give productivity a boost.

Getting started with Alteryx core concepts
Practical use cases using your company’s data
Preparing, parsing, blending, transforming, and analysing data
Creating an analytics dataset and visualisations
A/B testing, time series forecasting, segmentation analysis
Advanced analytics, including predictive and geospatial
Without sounding too gushing, the potential of the system for what we can use it for is almost is unlimited. We can do as much with it as we would like, and we are capable of doing it.
David Skaife, Analytics Manager, Middlesbrough Council
You have Alteryx for the back-end tools; drawing your information from multiple sources and transforming it into useful data. Then Power BI is on the front end as a powerful visualisation tool. And we didn’t have to do any scripting… They are a fantastic combination of tools. They work well together, they really complement each other.
David Skaife, Analytics Manager, Middlesbrough Council
Perfect Image were better placed to suit our needs and were able to offer a wider expertise. They could help us make an informed decision… We would heartily recommend Perfect Image as the go-to guys for BI needs.
David Skaife, Analytics Manager, Middlesbrough Council
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Insight - Case studyInsights
Middlesbrough Council
Middlesbrough Council worked with Perfect Image to adopt a tailored analytics solution, a combination of Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI. They can now better understand and react to the needs of their local residents and provide a more proactive service.
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Why Choose Perfect Image for Alteryx Training?

We Will Help You To Meet Your Goals

Our BI experts are approachable, friendly, open to ideas, and results driven. They are passionate about helping you to achieve your goals.

Training Tailored To Your Business

Unlike others, we don’t use generic training systems – we use your organisation’s data for a bespoke approach to training that delivers more valuable, long-lasting results.

Flexible Training Options

We offer a range of flexible training options to suit you, including in-person, train-the-trainer, classroom, workshop or online.

In-House Team Of Experts

What makes us truly unique are our talented, innovative people. Let our specialists build your ideal solution and bring your aspirations to life.

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Perfect Image is an Alteryx Premier Partner with 25+ years of experience in delivering value-add IT solutions. We’re passionate about helping customers to reach their goals using leading-edge technologies.

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