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Data & Analytics

Alteryx is the fastest data prep, cleanse and blend tool on the market. Qlik is a leading high power data visualisation tool. Together, this becomes a supercharged end-to-end data analytics solution.

This combination of Alteryx & Qlik takes the bottleneck away from IT and puts power and knowledge back into the hands of end users. Bring together all your data easily with Alteryx and directly output it into Qlik to easily understand numbers as visual reports and dashboards. Gain a deeper understanding of your whole organisation and share with all decision makers.

For organisations with a huge amount of data, or data trapped in different incompatible systems and formats, Alteryx is the answer. Using a drag-and-drop interface and automatic workflows, you save time and effort. Focus more on understanding the “why” behind your data. This can even be with advanced analytics, such as spatial, predictive, regression, testing, and much more. With a direct output into Qlik you can get to your data quickly and efficiently using cutting edge technology for management and location-focused decisions.

Reveal deeper insights for faster decision making

Qlik helps to reveal brand new insights into your information you’ve never been able to see before – with just a few clicks. Qlik has a unique Associative Engine to reveal all the relationships in your data and answer all of your questions, even on the fly, for deeper insights. Pull together all the information you need and visualise it as interactive charts, graphs, and custom visualisations to make faster and more successful business decisions.

Transform complicated masses of numbers into stunning visualisations that every person in your organisation can take advantage of.

Why choose Perfect Image?

As a Qlik Elite Partner and Alteryx Premier Partner, Perfect Image is ideally positioned to assist you with the best way of using both platforms together. We have helped many customers to successfully implement and take advantage of these intelligent, self-service platforms – and you could be one of them. Whether you need assistance with set up, support, or ongoing optimisation, we’re here to help you get the most out of your BI investment.

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