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Cloud Infrastructure
What Do You Want to Achieve?

Using cloud technologies, simplify and update your IT from the ground up.

Typically, on-premise servers are useful for around five years before they need to be replaced. You may have servers that are soon to expire, but you don’t want the huge upfront cost of replacing them. Buying new kit simply means yet more servers that need to be managed and maintained. Your IT systems may be holding you back, instead of empowering staff to work at their full potential. There is an alternative, that works on an affordable monthly subscription basis. It is agile and powerful and will enable you to take your first step towards IT modernisation.

Why Choose Cloud for IT Modernisation?

Refresh your IT to gain the competitive edge
Secure, serverless working from anywhere
Simple monthly pay-as-you-use subscription

IT modernisation is the process of removing legacy systems that are no longer delivering value and replacing them with modern, agile technologies that will help you to be work more proactively and collaboratively. An organisation that undertakes IT modernisation, also known as digital transformation, is called a “modern workplace.” IT modernisation includes everything from upgrading your hosting platform or IT infrastructure to the business applications you use every day.

Perfect Image is the end-to-end intelligent IT transformation provider that will help you to transform how you work. Using cloud technologies, your IT infrastructure will be simplified and updated from the ground up. We will work with you to roadmap a modernisation strategy. This will be planned and designed by our experienced solution architects, and delivered and supported by dedicated teams of experts and specialists. By choosing our support and managed IT services we can work together long-term to ensure your systems deliver maximum value now and in the future.

We wanted to pick the best solution for the business that would allow us to move forward, knowing where we would be going over the next five or ten years.
Operations Director, Opia
Insight - Case studyInsights
Opia had grown phenomenally during its first 10 years and needed to review its IT infrastructure. It had implemented a basic cloud set-up with a previous IT provider, however it wasn’t to the standard that Opia needed.
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Hosting & On-the-Go Working

Take advantage of the cloud’s scalable and cost-effective hosting solutions. With the cloud you can take advantage of inbuilt disaster recovery and security options. This keeps your data secure and accessible at all times. The cloud offers you secure access to everything you need. This includes online and offline working, as even when offline you can work on-the-go. Changes will be uploaded once you’re back on an internet connection. Every minute can be used effectively. Modern cloud technologies de-risk data being taken out of the office on an employee’s laptop.

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Cost-Effective Scalability

The cloud takes away the challenges around rightsizing your on-premise servers. The resources it offers (compute power, storage, etc.) are mapped against your business growth, so it scales to exactly what you need. You pay for what you use – you’re not paying for expensive servers to constantly run at maximum capacity. This cost-effective method ensures you and your team have exactly what they need, when they need it.

The cloud works on a monthly operating expense, so you don’t have huge upfront expenses like on-premise hardware. Instead of replacing aging servers every five years or so, your cloud solution is regularly updated and patched by the cloud provider – no extra work for you. Your time is shifted from looking after servers and fixing problems, to being able to work on value-added projects.

Security & Compliance

Data can be encrypted, password-protected, and access controlled. Adopt a disruption-free approach to protecting the loss of sensitive corporate data. You and your employees get back control over your documents.

With your modernised IT solution, we can include the following security services and much more depending on your needs:

  • Data encryption
  • Secure mobile device management
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Controlled remote wipe of laptops
  • Digital Rights management (DRM) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Access control for data

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Cloud-Hosted Applications

You can take advantage of cloud-hosted applications such as Microsoft Office 365 (for office productivity) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (for customer engagement) to work effectively out of the office. This gives your staff the tools they need for boosted productivity, improved collaboration, and effortless communication. They can work from anywhere, on any device.

Why Choose Perfect Image?

Perfect Image has 28+ years’ experience of designing, delivering and managing intelligent IT solutions. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner and Advanced AWS Consulting Partner who can help to fix your existing issues and fulfil your goals. Boost productivity and efficiency using Business Applications, turn data into decisions that propel your business forward with Data & Analytics, and modernise your business by adopting a powerful Cloud Infrastructure. To transform your business into a modern workplace, we can architect and carry out your full intelligent IT transformation. Our friendly, specialist teams of dedicated experts are on hand to tailor your systems to the way your business works to empower your staff. We use a unique blend of consulting, results-focused solution architecture, and proactive support so you gain the most value from your systems now and in the future. We are a nationally recognised IT solution provider that provides world-class technologies and specialist IT services to transform your business and drive incredible results.

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