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Learn how to build functionality-rich apps that empower your team to do more - fast.

Typically, 80% of your business requirements for technology will come out of the box - but what about the other 20% that is key to solving your specific business problems? Bespoke software development is one answer; but it is traditionally high cost and time consuming. However, in today’s technology-driven era, apps need to be up and available when you need them most – now. Applications also have lifecycles that make it vital to be able to design and build them quickly and efficiently.

What is the Microsoft Power Platform? 

By adopting the Microsoft Power Platform, building apps that empower your team to do more can take just minutes. The Power Platform makes it easy for you to build business apps that connect to your data, use powerful workflow automation, and run on any device and many operating systems, and then automate the apps for improved efficiency.

The Power Platform lets you take advantage of your business data. Your team can do three key actions on data that help them drive business: Analyse, Act, and Automate. This is done with Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow, all working together to bring your data to life and help everyone, from the CEO to the front-line workers, to make impactful data-driven decisions.

Create visually stunning and functionality-rich apps that make the most of device capabilities such as GPS, cameras and pen controls. Define business rules and logic to run automatic workflows, validate data, and drive business processes. Best of all, you can customise apps as much as you like, without writing even a line of code. If you can use PowerPoint and Excel, you can use the Power Platform.

The Power Platform is made up of three key, easy-to-use platforms: 

Create a productivity-boosting app for every task and take advantage of built in extensibility and customisation opportunities. 
Discover PowerApps
Power BI  
Embed intelligence into your apps, make sense of your data and utilise deeper insights to discover new opportunities. 
Discover Power BI
Increase efficiency with customisable process flow templates for automated workflows, and guide users with business process flows. 
Discover Microsoft Flow

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

The Power Platform is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner who has helped many customers from a range of industries to get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365, a powerful, highly customisable business applications solution. It is made up of productivity-boosting applications that sit on the Dynamics 365 platform, to get exactly what your business wants. Choose a stand-alone application to meet the needs of a specific line of business, or use multiple business applications tools that work together as a powerful integrated solution. It enables you to provide a personalised, proactive service.

What makes Dynamics 365 different is that it uses a “common data platform” which means that your data, from all business systems (Dynamics 365 and beyond) is stored in one centralised, secure location. Your vital business and customer data is up-to-date, cohesive, and everyone works from the same data no matter what system they’re using. You can also seamlessly integrate your new business application solution with your existing systems, third-party systems, and other Microsoft tools, like Power BI for analytics, Office 365 for productivity tools, Power Platform for self-service app creation, or we can build bespoke software to meet any very specific needs you may have.

  • Improve engagement
  • Personalise your service
  • Streamline your customer service
  • Grow business
  • Make better decisions
  • Increase productivity

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Perfect Image has 28+ years’ experience of designing, delivering and managing intelligent IT solutions. We can help with everything from a simple single-system migration to a full Modern Workplace solution – then we can support or fully manage it for you afterwards. Our friendly, specialist teams of dedicated experts are on hand to tailor your systems to the way your business works, to help empower your staff and boost productivity. We are nationally recognised IT solution experts who offer a unique blend of specialist IT services and world-class technologies. Let us help you to transform your business and drive incredible results.

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