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Learn how to empower schedulers, improve the efficiency of field staff, and increase customer satisfaction.

If you have workers that are often out of the office, working on the field, you know how complicated it is with so many moving parts to manage. It feels difficult enough to keep on top of day-to-day operations, never mind trying to optimise processes. You want to improve efficiency and profitability, but without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Gartner defines field service management (FSM) as “a discrete market within the broader customer service and support software market. Field service providers (FSPs) typically dispatch technicians to remote locations to provide installation, repair or maintenance services for equipment or systems. They may manage, maintain and monitor these assets under a predefined service or maintenance contract.”

However, more needs to be done to make the lives easier of managers, schedulers, field service staff and customers. Gartner believes that by 2022, over 50% of field service providers will offer a specialised digital customer experience that enables two-way interaction and workflow initiation via multiple human and nonhuman channels. It is adopting this kind of innovation and automation that will set apart the good field service providers from great field service providers.

This meant that people could have files they could work on when they didn’t have internet access – which does occasionally happen for us. They could then sync that back up to the cloud whenever they were back in the UK and back online, so it wouldn’t interrupt workflows and productivity.
Senior Business Administrator, Springfield Centre
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Springfield Centre for Business in Development
Migration from on-site to cloud servers and implementing Office 365 to reduce costs, enhance digital security, and improve accessibility for field workers.
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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

At Perfect Image, we offer you what we believe is the best Field Service Management solution out there. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner who has helped many customers from a range of industries to get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365, a powerful, highly customisable solution. It enables you to provide a personalised, proactive service. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is made up of productivity-boosting applications that sit on the Dynamics 365 platform, so you can pick and choose exactly what your business wants. One of these applications is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. As Gartner says, Field Service Management works within the broader markets of customer service – there are apps to help you improve those areas of your business too. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service or Dynamics 365 for Sales can help you to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers.

What makes a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for field service management different, is that it is built on the innovative “common data platform.” This means your data, from all business systems (Dynamics 365 and beyond) is stored in one centralised, secure location. Your vital business and customer data is up-to-date, cohesive, and everyone works from the same data no matter what system they’re using. Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects your people, processes and data – and Perfect Image makes sure the experience is as stress-free and valuable as possible.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service?

Deliver a seamless, end-to-end service experience with built-in intelligence that helps you resolve service issues before they occur, reduce operational costs, and deliver positive onsite experiences.

  • Drive operational efficiency with IoT
  • Build trust with customers
  • Empower field agents
  • Optimise your resources
  • Make technicians more effective
  • Engage your customers
  • Innovate with an adaptable platform
  • Modernise field service with mixed reality

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Perfect Image has 28+ years’ experience of designing, delivering and managing intelligent IT solutions. We can help with everything from a simple single-system migration to a full Modern Workplace solution – then we can support or fully manage it for you afterwards. Our friendly, specialist teams of dedicated experts are on hand to tailor your systems to the way your business works, to help empower your staff and boost productivity. We are nationally recognised IT solution experts who offer a unique blend of specialist IT services and world-class technologies. Let us help you to transform your business and drive incredible results.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps

Field Service
Optimise resources and make technicians more efficient.
Discover Dynamics 365 For Field Service
Personalise relationships and increase sales.
Discover Dynamics 365 For Sales
Business Central
A powerhouse all-in-one ERP business management solution.
Discover Business Central
Customer Service
Empower agents and exceed customer expectations.
Discover Dynamics 365 For Customer Service
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